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Attending business etiquette training helps create the desired impression

Posted by bijalv on December 30th, 2019

Attending business etiquette training helps create the desired impression on clients

Business etiquette is one key aspect of success in the professional world. International business etiquettes have come to occupy a very special place in the corporate world today where the world has become one little global village. Especially for people who represent their organizations at a social forum like sales and marketing people need to have thorough knowledge and experience in business mannerisms expected out of them. And this requirement becomes even more grave when dealing with an international client. Company representatives need to be brilliant and smart no doubt, but more important is the kind of impressions that they are creating on the network around.

It is almost like a ‘do or die’ situation which is why corporates today are emphasizing a lot on business etiquette training for their team members – especially the ones who are in direct interaction with external stakeholders and clients. Thanks to the rise in demand for such well-trained people in various industries, the niche for institutes that help groom people on business etiquettes has seen a growth in recent years, internationally as well as in India.

What all does business etiquette training include?

  • Creating the enviable first impressions.
  • Learning the art of introducing oneself and networking with others.
  • Learning the right way to walk, talk, sit and stand when meeting clients, seniors and bosses and also juniors.
  • The right way to address others.
  • Learning the art of being polite.
  • How to groom oneself including aspects related to dressing, hygienic habits etc.
  • Learning the right body language to be used at business meetings.
  • Learn the art of verbal communication including the use of proper tonality, voice modulation, focus on clarity of speech, pronunciation and including gestures as part of communication.
  • Learn the essential art of listening and paying attention.
  • What to say and what not.
  • Use of concise and precise language.
  • How to impress and wow others.
  • How to give positive feedback creating the right effect on the listener.

Attending a course on business etiquette training helps communicate the desired impression on others – including people in your professional circle who know you and those who do not. Going a step further, the need to make such training programs aligned with international business etiquettes has also become equally important especially in an environment where virtual offices have become the way of life. With most business houses entering the global market today, it has become way bit essential to ensure that employees are aware of etiquettes and professional manners expected of them in the international context.

Advanced international business etiquette training enables students to understand better what should be verbally said and non-verbally expressed when in the midst of foreign colleagues and clients. Every culture has its own set of do’s and don’ts, rude and polite manners that is important to know so that you do not rub a foreigner the wrong way. Certain things are completely unacceptable in a particular culture even if it is absolutely okay in your own country – which is why it is crucial to be aware of such etiquettes in advance. Attending an advanced international business etiquette training helps one to understand this clearly and more.


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