Credit card payment processing using Xprinter pos terminal

Posted by sere on December 30th, 2019

The retail price of the Xprinter 2012 of the user manual and other functional documents is limited, which is not surprising that the product has been officially established by my MS in February. 

To help correct this, I started a series of posts where I will share the experience gained through training and trouble techniques. 

I think many of you may find it useful. 

The first item I would like to discuss is to set up a MS payment service for the Xprinter account on the POS terminal

This will enable your retail business to process credit card payments at dynamic point of sale. 

First, you will need to register a payment service account with Xprinter Online dot com. 

Your partner will set up and launch the invitation email for you. 

It is important that you have to have a Windows Live ID and generate an invite for this WLID. 

Once you open the email and click on the link, the payment service will be activated and you will be the administrator for this service. 

This allows you to send invitations to other users. 

Before assigning them to admin or even system user roles, make sure you do some basic training on them. 

Then it's time to register one of the payment processors supported by the payment service via the MS. 

You will get an automatically generated email from the payment vendor you selected with account information. 

Please note that these accounts have not been activated on the vendor side and their representative will contact you to complete the legal paperwork. 

Most payment providers used in the retail industry are supported by dynamic payment services including first data, PayPal and CyberSource. 

Once you're done, you can do the first Test. 

Click on the payment screen on the payment services home page and click on the new payment button. 

Enter the real credit card information and the amount to be processed (You can refund the full amount of the payment processor settings of your choice later minus the transaction fee). 

Click process payment to see if the amount has been authorized and captured successfully. 

To refund the amount captured, go back to the payment screen and click the transaction ID and click the issue Refund button to select the payment to be refunded. 

Note: This method of refund applies only to authorization completed through the payment service website and not to authorization completed at the POS terminal or through the Xprinter client. 

Important: The MS payment service cannot connect to the "test environment" or "test host" of the payment processor ". 

It can only be connected to a "live" or "production" system. 

It can be explained that the service works with 6 different providers and it may be technically challenging to handle "test" and "production" models for each provider through one service. 

If the test is successful, then we are ready to proceed with the next step in configuring POS terminals to accept cc payments. 

We need the hardware profile assigned to each POS terminal in AX 2012 for retail client configuration. To go Retail->Setup->POS->Profiles-> Hardware profile and select the profile to be used by POS terminals on which you want to enable cc processing. 

Most retailers that use Xprinter for retail have two or more POS terminals in the store, so make sure you choose the correct hardware profile assigned to the correct POS terminal. 

If each POS terminal uses a separate hardware profile, then you need to repeat the following configuration for each profile. 

Navigate to the EFT Service fast tab and enter the following information: EFT service: Xprinter Online Service ID: the payment Service ID you set up. 

You can find this ID on the customer portal screen on dymanicsonline. 

Com, select the service list and comment Id value in the Id column (If this column is not seen, click the Select column button and add it). 

Merchant ID: leave blank username: password for WLID word: wwid configuration used to access payment services: Depends on country, not

EMV for the United States and EMV for CanadaRun distribution scheduler jobs for registers (usually N-1090)

To push changes to the POS terminal database, you can configure it to process cc payments in. 

In the following blog, I will explain how to configure the Lady (Magnetic stripe reader)

POS and settings at AX retail HQ need to support swiping. 

Please note that I will discuss that there are serious typos with the help provided by the MS regarding the card setup. 

Label printer suppliers, you can count on us Xprinter!

This is now until the next time.

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