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Posted by Alzbeta berka on December 30th, 2019

The Public Carriage Office is a part of Transport for London. This office is entrusted with the duty to guarantee the safety and security of the passengers of minicab and other private-hire vehicles. Therefore, it is essential for all minicab drivers to have TFL-PCO license. It is against the law to commercially drive a cab without having this permit, as the applicants have to qualify in a few assessments in order to become eligible for the TFL-PCO permit.

The English language test has recently been added to the list of assessments. This test is performed in order to distinguish the individuals who cannot correctly communicate in English. This test has been designed to improve the quality of service available through the drivers of minicabs, taxis or other private-hire vehicles, such as Uber. Alongside this assessment, you need to go through a medical examination that evaluates the condition of your health and a DBS assessment that evaluates your background in order to find the evidence of criminal activities. It is important to have the basic information regarding these mandatory assessments before applying for the TFL-PCO permit, as it keeps you prepared for what to expect.

Application Forms

If you are interested in having the TFL-PCO permit, then you need to fill out a few online forms along with some documents. The online application forms are generally available at the TFL website and it may cost you £250 in order to download this form. Any 19-year-old individual who has a valid UK driving permit for at least three years is eligible to apply for the TFL-PCO permit.

It is important to remember that Public Carriage Office may reject your application due to some reason. In this scenario, this office is liable for the refund of £100 instead of the entire deposited amount that is £250. It may take longer for a mailed document to reach the public carriage office. Therefore, it is prudent to fill out the online form on the official website Transport for London.

Medical Declaration Form

The TPH/204 form can be downloaded from the official website of Transport for London. This form has been designed according to the DVLA Group-2 standard and it needs to be filled out by a registered doctor (general practitioner) who has access to your past medical history. You may need to undergo a few medical tests to rule out any serious health conditions or to determine that you have perfect hearing and reflexes. These tests are performed in order to determine the physical fitness of an individual who has applied for TFL PCO License.


This mandatory evaluation is carried out to prove that an applicant has a “character of good conduct” and has no criminal convictions. If any applicant has a record of criminal activities or convictions, then Transport of London considers the nature and seriousness of the offence before disqualifying the form. Therefore, the acceptance or disqualification of the PCO license application depends upon the discretion of TFL if an applicant has a criminal record.

Topographical Skills Assessment

This is another mandatory assessment if you want to have the PCO-license. However, the holders of previous TFL/PCO license, black-cab drivers or professional tourist guides are exempted from this assessment. A driver’s general topographical skills are tested during the assessment alongside testing an applicant’s ability to plan the routes during local/long-distance trips or his/her ability to read the Great Britain Road Atlas or London A-Z.

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