Everything You Need To Know About Embroidered Patches

Posted by Advantage Embroidery on December 30th, 2019

It is not unlikely that you have opened an organization and you want to give your workers a feeling of reputed jobbers, so someone suggested you give them embroidered patches. Now you wonder what are embroidered patches. If that is the case, here is what you need to know about embroidered patches.

About Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are more commonly known as Cloth badges are the piece of embroidery that is made in cloth by the use of thread and fabric. Embroidered Patch was actually an old tradition when badges were made by hands usually to show a brand or organization however in mid 20th century embroidered patches were started to gain popularity that was the time when schiffli embroidery machine was used to make such badges. At the end of the 20th century, embroidered patches were being made in advanced computerized machines which were much faster than all previous methods.  The different methods of preparing embroidery patches are Handmade method, iron-on method, dryer heat-activated adhesive and Velcro backing, etc.


Embroidered patches actually have a rich history these cloth badges were used to see as a royal identification tool for personalities who would hold some kind of respected post, for example, military officers would one of the first users of such badges in the modern world. However, it will be safe to say that embroidery patches were in use way before the contemporary world. Embroidered patches were seen as a sign of authority in the uniforms of the Roman empire’s soldiers. These cloth badges traveled from ancient cultures right from the Mediterranean to the Indian subcontinent and to South America and other parts of the world.


Today embroidered patches are widely used in Military, government organizations and some agencies. They are also used in several other organizations and companies where ranked officers are given such badges for their unique identification. Some highly prestigious Schools also use embroidered patches in student uniforms.


As we discussed earlier, embroidered patches used to be handmade from ancient times till the mid 20th century; however, as the world saw technologies in all the fields of work cloth badges also went through computerization. There are advanced types of machinery to make these cloth badges; however, the basic process of preparing a cloth badge or embroidered patch remains the same. The makers of embroidered patches have been following this process for so long. First, they cut a fabric piece in a particular shape they require to cut then they seal the edges of the fabric backing by the use of heat. Then they stitch the thread and give it a catchy design. Today designs are being done by advanced technologies where any shape is possible to be given in an embroidered patch. Some makers also use an iron-on adhesive method to give it the final touch but they are usually not needed these days.

Today there have been machines which multitask to prepare such patches these machines are taking over the usual conventional methods. Machines like multiple swing machines, scanner, saddle – stitchers.  It is safe to say that the present and future of embroidered patches are the highly advanced machines that hardly require any handmade method.

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