How To Market Your apparel Brand

Posted by hw on December 31st, 2019

To start a label amidst the multitude of fashion stores and clothing brands that already exist out there can be daunting. ‘How to start a clothing company and not fail’ is a question that arises in the minds of many fashion startups. This is where marketing can really help. Read and learn some tips on how to market your clothing brand.

Define Yourself

What is your brand about, what is the story, what are you selling and who exactly are you selling to? This goes back to our previous article where we discussed ‘Knowing Your Market and Identifying Your Brand’.Our brand is HongYu Apparel,we're a garment manufacturing company that focuses on clothing for women, men and children.

As this serves as the foundation of your label, you will need to establish this before marketing your products. The fashion industry has something for almost everyone, but there are ways to be noticed if you are creative. The narrower your brand’s position and ideal customer, the easier it will be to target & reach your audience.

Collaborate to leverage

Collaborations have transcended to be more than a trend in the industry. Collaboration should be something your brand can leverage on. This has opened new doors to a wider market – both mass market and high-end, potentially converting more people into customers. That’s really great leverage.

Be smart and creative with your collaborations as it can certainly help to attract the right audience and grow your brand.

Social Media

As a brand, furthermore a new brand, marketing is more than necessary. You don’t exist unless people know about you. Traditional advertising like TV commercials, billboards and print ads are still feasible methods of advertising. However, in today’s digitally savvy society, there are a lot of other methods you can employ to boost your brand’s presence.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a brand can utilise today.There are more than enough platforms for you to reach your target market directly.This makes ads potentially more effective as they already filter the market for you.

Your voice on your social media

Social media also allows brands to create more windows of perspective for consumers. Your brand’s social media content can speak volumes about your brand story and philosophy and gives its character. As you interact with your followers on these platforms, it forms an impression about your brand in their minds. This brand impression helps your products, messages and brand ethos to resonate better with them.

The intimacy of social media interaction between brands and their customers creates a deeper connection between the two. This is part of the intangible effects of marketing, which eventually builds brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

Having a presence on social media is hence, really important. Start with one or two platforms and update on a consistent basis to sustain the interest. With tons of brands on social media, your content must be on point so that it can cut through the noise.

Be Interesting

If you are selling something that doesn’t already exist in the market, it means you are filling a gap. This puts you way ahead in the game and makes selling your products much easier.

However, many brands out there sell similar products to each other. If you fall into this category, you would have to find a different selling point from your competitors.

You have to offer your customers more than just clothing to stand out. You need to sell a lifestyle. There are many ways to go about marketing it, be creative with the message you send to your customers.

Ultimately, if you employ the right methods, it can really boost your brand recognition and set your label apart. Remember, to engage your customers is to be relevant to them.

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