Why send your IT team to Cyber Security bootcamps

Posted by alvina on December 31st, 2019

As a business owner, if you have got an IT team and your business has a lot of IT assets and business critical data, it will be beneficial to send your team to a cyber security bootcamp, to be able to train them in modern security protocols and practices. You might be having questions that need to be answered like whether this is a wise investment to be making, whether the bootcamp is authentic and can teach the skills required at a high quality level and other such similar questions. In this article, we will take a look at this in detail, and we will give you the benefits that arise from sending your IT team to get IT cyber security training.

A cyber security bootcamp is an intense training program spread out over a short period of time, that help get people trained and setup pretty quickly. With a concentrated training schedule created by proper experts in the field of security, a cyber security bootcamp will help your employees get some real world exposure to threats and can be taught the skills necessary to be able to protect the IT data of the company. The investment involved here is a lot lesser than if a full course is to be pursued at a university or so.

There are many bootcamps that are organised on a regular basis, and come in different varieties that cater to different technologies and strengths. There are several levels involved in bootcamps ranging from the beginner level all the way up to advanced. The beginner level is suitable if you are looking to get your IT team up to speed with all of the advances in technology and teach them how to identify threats and defend against them. The advanced level leapfrogs from passive defence strategies to fully active defence strategies like white hat hacking, reverse engineering and so forth. These bootcamps can be attended in person or can be delivered to your employees virtually as a video course.

Cyber security simulation performed in these bootcamps as well to keep things as practical as possible. With these simulations, one can find out the inherent vulnerabilities present in a network and see if its defences can be broken by a hacker. This will help the IT team become proactive in their defence approach and will help the overall networking security situation at your organisation.

Further to this, organisations can split their IT teams into two sides to accurately perform this simulation in a live scenario with the red team exercise. Cyber security can be tested using a technique known as penetration testing, which is a long process. The teams will be the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Red team works as the hacker who is trying to penetrate the IT defences of the organisation using any or all means available. The Blue team works to try and counter the Red team’s attacks. This type of exercise will help develop the team and make them sharp enough to counter all types of technological threats.

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