How to obtain a criminal record certificate for authentication and legalization?

Posted by glainmax55 on December 31st, 2019

The agencies we work with can help you from anywhere in the world to obtain one and send the RCMP certificate directly to our office to speed up the authentication process. 

If you are in Canada, you can simply search for an agency in your area that provides fingerprinting services and request that the results be sent directly to our office. We offer the best Canadian pardon services.

It may be the case that you need to obtain a criminal record certificate in another country because you worked or resided there for a period of time. 

If so, you must provide your fingerprints on the correct form. Since the foreign agency to which you will send your fingerprints requires the original document, the notary must sign, accordingly, on the original form. 

This will allow Global Affairs Canada to authenticate it. The current processing time for authentication of criminal records certificates in Global Affairs Canada is 20 business days when you send your document directly to them by mail. 

As time is pressing in most cases where authentication of criminal records certificates is required, get more information about the authentication service options which can be done in just 1 business day.

Documents that may need to be authenticated and legalized along with your criminal record certificate:

If you were asked to authenticate and legalize your criminal record certificate, you may have other documents such as the birth certificate, the marriage certificate or the university degree that also needs to be authenticated and legalized. 

At pardon Canada services, we can help you authenticate and legalize these and other documents by using our quick and easy verification tool on our home page.

Now that we have helped you identify that you have the correct criminal record certificate, you are ready to begin the authentication and legalization process, also known as a criminal record certificate. 

The formal requirements to exercise the right of access are:

- Application instance addressed to the person in charge of the file in which the personal data of the applicant are recorded.

- Address for notification purposes.

- Photocopy of ID / or valid passport, unless consent has been given to verify identity data. 

- In case of acting through a legal representative, power of specific representation for the exercise of the right of access.


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