Leveraging Mobile UX Design Principles for Your Site design

Posted by Mike on December 31st, 2019

Today almost everyone uses the smartphone. Its usage and influence are greatly increasing day by day. They have become a go-to source for all sorts of information. People search for every kind of information and even perform purchase through mobiles.  

Now, the Web Design Dubai has to consider the design aspect that caters to multiple devices.

The mobile experience is more than just good aesthetics. Designers have to provide the fundamental usability principles of interface design for mobile users. Since mobile screens are small and this creates less space to show every feature of the design. So here are the top design tips to prioritize for the UX of a mobile user.

Prioritize the Content 

For mobile UX, you need to prioritize the content. Prefer the things that grab the attention of the users at first. When designing your products, keep interface components to a point. Simplistic designs are what keeps the user engaged and at luxury with design. The limited space available on a small screen makes every additional detail appear overwhelming. Content should be available through a menu and menu lists, either short or long, should have progressive disclosure, and simple terminology. Reduce clutter, use icons instead of text wherever possible because it also eliminates the confusion.

Intuitive Navigation 

Your mobile site or design for mobile users should look intuitive. The navigation that leads the users to clear pathways to complete the tasks is intuitive. It does not require further explanations. A user will simply quit your site if he/she finds it difficult to complete the simple tasks. If it takes too much time or effort to discover how to navigate through your site, you lose potential customers and increase the bounce rate. 

When navigating through your site, the user should always know where they are without wondering how they got there. Make them sure of what they will do next.

Design for the Touch Screens

Make interface elements big enough to tap the right features of the site. Users use their thumbs more often than any other finger while using smartphones. Small touchpoints can be frustrating because they require more precision and are prone to mistakes.

If action buttons are too narrow to each other, it risks the user making undesired actions. It leads to frustration. It is valuable to space out contradicting action buttons such as the save and delete buttons to dodge errors. So also makes sure to place an undo button. 

Provide a Seamless Experience

When it comes to creating an online experience, the eventual goal is to produce a seamless experience. Across all devices, the interface should look similar. But that’s easier said than done. Functional, flexible, and responsive mobile designs are what users expect. And by ensuring Seamless experiences and natural flow, we can ensure the best UX. center on key user goals by dropping friction, minimizing steps, and page loads. Site visitors enjoy smooth interactions with designs and are satisfied when their needs are met effortlessly. You can do this by communicating with the users by meeting their needs. 

Perform Design Testing

Continuous testing and optimization are crucial. Regular testing and usability assurance create the best end product. Test all the features, layouts, and variations of your designs. It gives the insight to see what works best. Build your products with a user-centered approach and test it with real users. Testing your products or design opens new ways to improve your design to meet your users' needs. You can discover your problems in the design and can provide a smooth UX and UI. 

Visible Interface Elements

It’s crucial to have sufficient contrast between content and background in your designs. The best way to figure out your design is to test it out with your users. But use the bright colors that can be seen in every kind of light. So size, design, and color with the appropriate amount of contrast are crucial to balance out. 


Website Design Company Dubai considers the usability principles on the top for the sites when catering mobile users. These are some of the top tips that can encourage your UX and design usability. More than 60% of users like to visit sites or eCommerce sites with their mobile devices. So, make sure to test your design with every technological aspect and different device compatibilities.

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