Who is One Punch Man's strongest character? Saitama?

Posted by Dark Senpai on December 31st, 2019

Sooner or later, you must have thought about who is the strongest character in One Punch Man manga series? Let’s talk about it here and now. However Saitama is the main character in the series, is he the strongest character in  the whole series? Or, is there someone else we should have our peak on? I guess, it’s time to break the suspense... 

Is Saitama really the strongest character?

Before coming to any conclusion, it’s good to have an insight into the saitama’s powers. As it’s very obvious, Saitama is the main character in OPM series, there are rather good chances of Saitama being the strongest character as well. But, the fact is, Saitama is less featured in manga’s chapters. Instead, heroes are portrayed showing their strength and divine against monsters.

No doubt, Saitama is the most powerful character in the series having superhuman strength, speed and sense powers. But, his opponents are there to give him a  perfect sense of rivalry with their immense powers. Still Saitama wins so calling him the strongest one is worth it. Besides this, to know more about Saitama, you can head over to some good comics news portal.

Who are other strong characters?

Not only Saitama is strong in One Punch Man series, there are many heroes and monsters having super powers. There are heroes from C-class to S-class who are training hard to achieve great powers and rank up simultaneously. On the other hand, there are monsters who are hunting down heroes to prove their betterment. Besides this, Tatsumaki, the Rank #2 S-class hero also has the potential to get the opponent on its knees with her kinesis powers.

Talking about the strongest hero and monsters, Genos is the one who proves himself not only as a killing machine but also a sensible opponent. On other other hand, Garou, also known as the hero hunter is there with his anger and immense powers he puts on conquering the heroes.

Saitama, the strongest?

As a conclusion, there is no problem calling Saitama the strongest character in One Punch Man series. However, others showing their ultimate strength and sense can’t be avoided as well. Being the main lead, it is obvious he will be portrayed strongest but Saitama has also had some fights that were too hard for him to win. To be more wide, there are some fanfictions as well that may be an interesting part for you. Hope you liked the post!

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