A Proxy Server Is An Intermediary Which Serves Various Services

Posted by Catnip on December 31st, 2019

proxy server

What is Proxy Server?
Proxy Server is a computer that provides various services. Instead of the real server Located on the internet The function for storing data that users have retrieved from the internet via a web browser makes the next user who wants to search for the same information as someone else has used it, can browse. Directly from the Proxy Server server without having to go outside to search for information from the Web server which will reduce the amount of data-stream.

The process of the Proxy Server begins when users contact the web sever through the Proxy Server. The machine will first check if there is any information that the user needs on the machine. If you don't have one then you will get another information. And stored on the device to provide service to users next time. If found, will check that the existing data with the desired data source That there is a modern match or not If it matches, the data that is currently on the device will be sent to the user immediately. But if it does not match, the Proxy will retrieve the data from the data source. This behavior is similar to the work of the Cache in the computer. That is, as a way to connect before connecting to the real network. When accessing a webpage from a client connected via proxy, it will load faster than usual. If that website has been in the past Because the previous data is stored on the proxy server.

For example, Proxy programSuch as Proxy caching server program in Linux operating system , Proxy Vampire, WinProxy etc.

Proxy Server can be divided into 2 types which are
Proxy Server is a Proxy Server that uses old-fashioned techniques or when a Proxy Server was started. Which is a technique that I described in the definition of the Proxy Server in the previous section. Examples of this type of program are Microsoft Proxy Server, which runs on Windows NT Server 4.0, Qbik's WinGate or Netscape Proxy Server of Netscape (currently not used). If this service is used for surfing the web or downloading files through a browser program Often a copy of data or services received from previous client services on the hard disk is called Cache.

The benefit of caching is that it reduces the workload of the Proxy. Server that need to retrieve data from the internet at the request of various PCs unnecessarily, that is, if one PC needs data from the internet Proxy Server will search the Cache, if found to exist, it will pull that data back to the client immediately. This allows the client to receive data in a faster time. Therefore, Proxy Server will retrieve data from the internet only if the required information is not in Cache. In this way, the technical language is called Web Caching.

In terms of the usefulness of socks5 proxy, many personal computer users discover that it's rather easy to utilize because there are no firewalls included as it negotiates along with other servers regarding file transfers. One other crucial thing about the proxy server would be it works by using public Web Protocol so customers and servers are almost always ready to set up connection with each other. Above all, this laptop program is greatly encouraged to computer users who just desire peertopeer file transfers.

A NAT Proxy Server is a modern Proxy Server that uses a technique called NAT (Network Address Translation), also known as IP Masquerade. For example, this type of program is the new WinGate program.

Advantage of proxy
1. The caching request management system is any website that has ever been used from a client within the network. Proxy will store that website's information in the Proxy cache.
2. When it is run again later Can be called from the cache immediately without needing to call from the destination server
3. Save time to transfer web page data.
4. Save Bandwidth.Of the network to access the data in the cache.
5. Other operations on the network will be faster.

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