The Dead sea is very much alive with natural beauty!

Posted by alvina on January 1st, 2020

The Dead Sea is a must see place if you are visiting Israel as it has historical and geological significance. Contrary to its name, it is not really “Dead”, and it is not really a “Sea” either. The Dead Sea is a lake located to the south of Israel, in between Israel and Jordan. This lake is a land locked lake, with a single inlet - the Jordan River, and no outlet. The beauty of this place is that it sits on the lowest point on dry land, a whopping 400 meters below mean sea level.

It is was until recently that the Dead Sea was thought to be completely “dead” with bacteria also not standing a chance under this water. This was thought to be the case because the water is super salty (high salinity), and it is considered to be one amongst the saltiest lakes in the world.

When compared to the salinity levels of oceans, the waters of the Dead Sea is about five to ten times more saline, and as you go deeper, the levels of salinity increase. What this means is that life cannot normally exist in its depths - but there is. The saline waters work as a kind of spa, with it being very rich in minerals. The mud of the Dead Sea is typically used for therapeutic purposes and is said to be insanely good for the skin.

The insanely dense nature of the salt dissolved in the waters of the Dead Sea mean that it is very buoyant, and anything can float on the surface of the waters because of this fact. It is the only lake in the world where people relax by floating on its waters.

The life that exists in the Dead Sea is microbial in nature, because the salt levels are far too high for normal life to exist. These bacteria are extremely beneficial, because they provide researchers with clues as to how they thrive in such a harsh environment, and that can help with agriculture research as global warming becomes even more stronger.

Very less rain falls at the Dead Sea, and it is sunny all year round, making this an ideal tourist spot. The temperatures range from a cool 70 degrees all the way up to a 100 degrees in the summer. The Dead Sea region has a higher atmospheric pressure level than other places on earth because of its depth, as well as pristine air, and is very beneficial for health. There are several hotels by the Dead Sea Israel, where you can unwind after a long day at the beach. If you are looking for cheaper hotel Israel accommodations, you can find them easily - or if you are willing to spend a good bit of cash to stay in style, you can find luxury hotels dead sea Israel very easily too. The Ein Bokek hotel district is a good bet to start looking for accommodations as there are a number of hotels there that suit every requirement and budget.

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