Education: The Basic Right of Every Child in India

Posted by Manav kartavya on January 1st, 2020

We are all aware of the clichéd phrase that children are the future of every nation, but when we see the reality around it is no less than a bitter truth. There are around 3 million children living on streets and obviously deprived of education. There are regions and areas where girl education is still a luxury. There are several NGOs working for education in Ahmedabad. These NGOs are committed to get education to children from all races and backgrounds get the necessary education and get empowered and future ready.

Here are few reasons why we need to understand the importance of child education in India.

1. Awareness

The best NGOs in Ahmedabad say that the first step to drive child education is awareness. There are children below 18 years of age who have started working. They either never went to school or quit their schooling because of various reasons. These reasons could be socio-cultural pressures or financial. When you spread awareness and tell them and their parents about the cons of not getting educated, you just take the first step. This first step however is very important.

2. The ground reality is quite different

Yes, we hear about government’s initiatives and intent to educate every Indian child but again because of a variety of reasons these plans barely get implemented. It is either because of lack of awareness or our existing system which needs a complete overhaul. This is where NGOs working for education in Ahmedabad come into picture. These NGOs make sure that the right channels and network is used to strengthen the existing education system.

3. Charity

Finance is one of the key obstacles in the way of education. You need skilled people and necessary minimum infrastructure to education kids. This requires funds and charity drives play a crucial role. Willing people come forward and make their contribution selflessly so that the underprivileged kids are able to get education.

4. Marginalized areas

As we said earlier as well that the ground reality is way different than how we perceive. If you visit the remote areas you will come to know what’s just basics for us is a huge luxury for people and children living in those areas. They are hardly able to earn to make two ends meet. NGOs working for education in Ahmedabad put in their efforts to make sure kids get education, health benefits, nourishment and a chance to interact and play with other kids.

Do you have more queries about the best NGOs in Ahmedabad? If yes, feel free to write in to us and call us. If you want to make any contribution for child education, you are more than welcome.

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