How to Maintain Your Boots For Extended Durability

Posted by Chrisitne on January 1st, 2020

How do you define happiness? We define it as the feeling of unboxing your new pair of boots and most women too. Ask anyone about it and they will tell you the exact way of embracing your new pair of boots with platform. However, they will not smell new forever since people fail to responsibly handle boots. Your boots have to battle the blistering cold every winter which makes them prone to damage more than your summer collection. Below are a few tips you can use to keep your boots new-like for a long time.


Boots are different than heels and you need to understand it on all aspects, not only wearing. You can take a clean cloth and wipe all the dust off your heels but not boots. Use material-specific cleaning products for all your shoes to avoid any damage. For instance, use polish for leather Chelsea boots women. You can also use rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts with a spray bottle to clean your leather heels. You may also want to take the dust off from your suede heels using either a suede eraser or a stiff shoe brush. 

Avoid Overdoing Them

Air is important for everything- either it’s a living thing or a non-living thing. Same goes for your shoes because they need to breathe too. If you wear a single pair on a stretch of two constant days, you may end up destroying them very badly. They at least need a few hours in between or at least a day if you have been wearing them for a whole day. Not only will it produce discomfort and pain in the feet but regular usage of your boots with platform may also cause wear and tear. So, give them freedom and go easy on them. 

Bake the Odor

Sometimes your shoes get enough of you. So much that they start stinking. Do you want others to feel the pain of your shoes? If not then here’s a way to make them as good as fresh. Take some baking soda and sprinkle it in and out of your shoes. Leave it for a night and clean it using a soft cloth the next morning. Voila, you will have an excellent pair of boots. 

No Straining

You may think that your Chelsea boots women is a durable pair, which may be true but there are certain conditions you need to follow for maximum durability and all of the fall under the topic- caring for your shoes. Even if they are boots, you don’t have to play soccer with them. Avoid activities that may hurt the delicacy associated with the boots. 

Use Rubber Lifts

Some parts of your shoes are meant to protect your shoes from the wear and tear. Ever noticed the tip of your heels with black nodes on it. If yes then you may know they are generally made of plastic and even though they are meant to protect your shoes, mishandling can damage them very quickly. One night of partying and you may damage the upper section of your heels. You may damage them as badly as they reach an irreparable stage. To avoid all this, all you have to do is replace the plastic lifts with rubber lifts on all your heels as the wear spreads evenly throughout due to the elasticity.  

A Gentle Hand

Whatever you wear heels, sandals, boots, wedges, loafers, or anything else, you have to be gentle with them since they deserve all your love for carrying you everywhere. Even while taking them off, you don’t have to tap your heels on the ground or use your other foot to take your shoes off since it may crush your heel caps. Untie them gently using your hands and make sure they are widely open to take some air in. 

Final Word

Women's shoes are priceless to them and taking care of them should be your first priority. The above-mentioned tips will help you keep them as good as new for a prolonged period. Tell us what you do to clean your favorite pair in the comments section below.

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