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Posted by Lucifer Hikson on January 1st, 2020

The degree of difficulty of a video game has always shifted between having a difficulty that will allow the player to challenge himself and between having a game that can end. And when we look more closely at current video games, we quickly realize that there are more and more different difficulty modes (between 2 and 5 for example) for a single game.

Through this article, we will try to understand the reasons that push publishers to offer so much difficulty for their games and how the difficulty has evolved since the beginnings of the video game industry.


Let's start by talking about arcade games and put ourselves in context; At that time there were no micro-transactions or other means of long-term profitability for video games other than the money that players brought into the terminals. This is why, for these games to be profitable, it was necessary to make that the game was difficult to finish so that the player inserts again and again coins. But it was also necessary to create a reward system afterwards. So, if the player wanted his name to appear in the high score table of his favorite game he had to train again and again on the arcade machines to reach the best score.

So each death or defeat, the player had to pay to be able to restart the game from the beginning. Of course the publishers were not all ignoble monsters wanting at all costs that their game is impossible to finish, far from it.


Now let's move on to current video games. If there is a very great emergence of difficulty modes in video games, it is above all to allow them to simultaneously address casual players while continuing to seduce a more hardcore audience. The purpose of today's games is very different from those before; indeed, the main objective is to play through a story, to feel alive in the game and to be able to see the ending cutscene.

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