Train Your Dog to Stop Barking Unnecessarily

Posted by albertareid on March 5th, 2012

One of the most annoying issues people face with their dogs is they bark frequently and without reasons. They bark in the middle of night, wake up owner and the neighbors and bark at strangers causing embarrassment of many. There are effective tools with what you can stop your dog barking pretty often. The best way to stop them bark is to make use of some negative reinforcement. If the dog senses that something unpleasant is happening whenever it barks, it will stop doing so after awhile. Electric collars play a good role in this regard. These equipments have been proved as very useful items to stop the dogs bark maddeningly. You can find all these items online, order one for your dog and you can see the results in a couple of day’s time. Some effective and popular bark control collars are listed here below.

Citronella spray collars

Citronella is widely used as a constituent of perfume and other cosmetics though dogs are quite uneasy with the smell of citronella. There are these spray collars that can be filled up with citronella and water and whenever the dog barks, strong odor is sprayed instantly. It is pretty amusing to see a dog trying to get rid of the smell. It happens that the dog understands in due course that the odor is coming whenever it barks. It stops doing so within a few days.

Electric collars

A mild current is used in these collars to deter a dog from woofing. These collars do not hurt the dogs. Instead, it’s kind of a surprise for them. These collars are not harmful as the level of electricity used is all tested by doctors and analysts and only a negligible amount of current is used to presage the dogs. You can also control and increase the electricity level to a certain extent. Once your dog gives up barking annoyingly, get back to the regular collar and whenever it starts shouting like earlier, bring back the electric one only to remind it that excessive growling is bad.

Ultra Sonic Collars

Ultra sonic collars are another type of dissuading tools that work magical on dogs. Whenever your dog starts to bark, the collar starts doing its work. Unlike the spray collars, these collars affect the hearing organ of the dogs, the ears. A high pitched sound is made whenever the dog barks and the sound irritates the dog. Dogs cannot tolerate high pitched sound like this. As a result, the dog stops to bark within a few days time. It is not painful for them, but the sound is pretty exasperating.

To find all these dog collars that are useful for deterring dogs from barking, you can simply go online and find hundreds of similar products. You just need to check whether the company adheres to safety standards so that your dear pet does not get affected by any chance. These are also available for hunting dogs. To buy a bark collar for your dog, you need to call the retailer and tell them your dog’s species. They can then advise you on which product to buy for your dog.

Learn how to stop your dog barking. Find electric electric collars and many more dog training products here.

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