Best Courses in Music in USA 2020

Posted by john kabir on January 1st, 2020

Singer with headphones

1 Which song for whom?

1.1 I am therefore I sing

1.2 I sing so I am

2 Examples of songs to learn

2.1 I sing to put down my voice, learn to speak in public

2.2 I sing accompanied by an instrument

2.3 I sing with videos on YouTube

3 Other examples of songs


Obviously, when we start to sing, we dream of being able to start by being able to sing any song of Céline Dion or Whitney Houston, to succeed in singing I Will Always Love You by going up as high as the original singer without a single false note. I regret to announce that this is not the first step and it is unfortunately impossible the first time. You have to start learning the song slowly but surely. To find out which song is best for you to start learning singing, you need to start to assess your abilities and determine what would suit you best. Best Pole Saw 

So i am i sing

Start by analyzing your qualities and your faults. Who are you? Which singer are you? Which singer are you going to be? A first song is something that suits you. A song that you will love to sing, that you will love to repeat over and over until mastery. This song is a part of you, it represents you and corresponds to you in a certain way. From there, you can start asking yourself a few questions about which song to start with and which to continue. You will start to build up a register, a directory.

Why do I sing?

First of all, why do you learn to sing? If you are looking to master vocal performance in order to be able to perform on stage afterward, you will need a song that will allow you to discover the breadth of your vocal palette. You may also want to start singing to learn how to breathe and put your voice down, learn to speak in public. For this, you are going to want to choose a song that is more about breathing and emotion rather than exploring notes.

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