Villas have begun new developments in building houses

Posted by pu tian on January 2nd, 2020

Light steel villas have great potential for energy conservation and emission reduction.

New villas are now the backbone of the new construction industry and are very popular among prefabricated houses. Among them, light steel villas are very popular with consumers.

The new villa is a type of building that is easy to remove and store. It can be reused many times and the turnover of houses is temporary or permanent. China began to gradually use planned housing in the 1980s. In the 1990s, housing construction began to move from simple to integrated to permanent. This is a qualitative leap and a new development in housing construction.

Innovation is the core of architectural design. High-quality design will increase the added value of the project and greatly improve the user experience. More than 95% of the buildings in our country are high energy consuming buildings. If they reach the same indoor comfort level, under the same climate conditions, the energy consumption per unit building area is two to three times that of developed countries. Energy-saving renovation of existing buildings has great potential for energy conservation and emission reduction.

To organically combine planning, architecture and landscape design into a non-independent whole, create a dream home of value for developers and create higher profit space for developers. On the basis of meeting the needs of developers, we will strive to pursue the best scheme that can not only realize the developers' beautiful dreams, but also meet the special needs in terms of cost and time.

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