Best Ways to Keep Bedridden Patients Clean and Healthy

Posted by rima chauhan on January 2nd, 2020

Severe disease or any chronic disease can make a person disabled forever, and make him bedridden. A bedridden suffers from lungs congestion, bedsores, and muscle atrophy. Being confined in bed prevents brushing teeth, taking showers, going to the bathroom. Carers are needed to do all these activities with the help of some bathroom accessories. Use bedpans, towel and warm water for regular cleaning. Patient’s head should be washed once a week. For that one can use a special inflatable bath.

If he is unable to use a bathroom or bedpans or is unable to control urination or bowel movement, then you need to select adult diapers. As most of the healthcare companies are producing this, you can buy Adult Diapers Online. Adult diapers are meant for both daytime use and night-time wear, so you can select as per your need. To avoid embarrassing situations or an accident in the absence of the carer, one can switch to Friends Overnight Diapers. These are like baby diapers, easy to wear, prevent urinary leakage and removes unpleasant odor. There are overnight diapers like pull-ups, briefs, reusable and incontinence pads. While buying Best Overnight Diapers For Adults, look into the categories and your need.

Regularly change the bedsheets. Change the position of the patient every 2-3 hours. Rub camphor spirit several times a week. This will improve blood circulation, prevents infection and has a deodorant effect. Purchase an Anti-decubitus mattress with compressor for proper circulation.

Mobility reduces ventilation of the lungs and affects blood circulation. To keep him healthy active and passive gymnastics, Vibro massage of the lungs and breathing exercises are required. In the case of the gymnastics, offer the patient to perform feasible exercises, help them to roll on a bed, rise and sit down. In the case of passive gymnastics, carers bend and unbend limbs. Vibromassage of lungs prevent congestion of the sputum in the airways. It also reduces stagnant phenomena. This is performed by moving the patient on either side and rubbing his back with camphor spirit, and then on chest, spine and kidney. For breathing exercises, the patients are asked to inflate balloons, blow bubbles, sing songs and breathe deeply.

Along with all these maintain good nutrition, proper diet, sufficient water, create a comfortable, fresh environment. Seek professional help for taking proper care and help the patient to maintain health and hygiene.

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