Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Complete Solution Combining ERP and CRM

Posted by Dinesh Babu on January 2nd, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t only a CRM or ERP product—it offers the best of both worlds. While Microsoft already plays a significant role in the world of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics GO, NAV, and AX programs, its Dynamics 365 variant is the next stage in the evolution of its combined CRM and ERP product—the perfect starting point for organizations looking to build their business upon a solid IT system foundation.

Dynamics 365 features a common/centralized data model as opposed to layers upon layers of complex databases, upon which many traditional enterprise software systems are built. The presence of complex databases meant that IT consultants had to set up, customize, and maintain several different systems designed to cater to the unique business processes of each client. Microsoft is moving away from these multiple database set-ups and toward an easier and more efficient to manage centralized database system that is easier to upgrade and integrate, hence the development of Dynamics 365, which enables standardization and better consistency for a business’ database scheme. This way, users can build more innovative applications with customizations specific to business in confidence that the resulting solutions can be used and deployed across the entire Microsoft customer base.

This common data model helps ensure that customizations that are built for a particular company can be integrated and used with another smoothly and without complication. Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases repeatability and at the same time lowers costs, while making Microsoft a more attractive option for more businesses considering and evaluating the right enterprise software to use in their processes.

In addition to a central data model, Dynamics 365 also offers the advantage of being in the cloud. This increasing commitment to the cloud-based trend means greater availability for the new product as well as better control, visibility, and standardization over the system’s development—something that’s necessary in a common data model. This said, on-premise users can still choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV or GP and ensure smooth integration with compatible systems. At the same time Dynamics 365 Enterprise can likewise be deployed on-premise if a business so desires such a set-up.

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