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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on January 2nd, 2020

Warriors are a very important profession in World of Warcraft nostalgia. Many friends are very fond of soldiers. Although the upgrade of soldiers is very difficult, there are still many players practicing the profession of soldiers. The partners introduced some survival techniques of World of Warcraft nostalgia soldiers. This will allow your fellow soldiers to reduce the chance of being defeated during the game in order to get as much WOW Classic Gold as possible in the game. As we all know, the era when World of Warcraft came online was when the network development in developing countries was not good. In order to prevent those bad network players from bringing some bad experiences, NPCs will have two to three when judging player positions. In advance, so is the World of Warcraft nostalgia.

I believe that all players with pets have encountered such a situation. When their character is blocked by obstacles, the pet will still inertially move forward a certain distance. The following is the point. We can use this feature to When the NPC or monster is chasing, you can release the skills in the opposite direction and instantly open the distance from the monster, but this action requires frequent practice to be proficient, of course, according to the network environment, there is a certain chance of failure.

It is also very important for soldiers to change weapons frequently. The importance of a weapon to a soldier is self-evident, as long as the green weapon carried does not differ from its own level by 4 and the blue quality weapon It can't exceed level 8. For the soldiers, the game experience against monsters is very comfortable. Any monster that is lower than its own level in 2 stages can't withstand critical hits, and is instantly violent.

The recovery of the soldier's response is very poor, so it is necessary to be fully prepared when playing the copy or upgrading the monster. Some magic potions, although the effect looks very tasteless, are very useful for the soldier. If the player does not have the potion, you can Use WOW Classic Gold For Sale to redeem the corresponding potion for your own use. Can effectively reduce the recovery interval of continuous operations, and can even save a lot of residual blood battles. World of Warcraft warriors have a great demand for potions. If the correct potions of the same level are used on warriors, you can definitely lead your opponents. Many small partners feel that these consumables are very wasteful. As a soldier, you must develop habits. In fact, consumables are still very economical in the later stage. Because of the high cost of repairing a plate armor, I believe that the small partners who pass through it are all clear. Soldiers who are reluctant to drink potions are not aware of the essence of the soldiers.

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