How Linking Social Media In Your Mobile Application Improves Its Visibility?

Posted by Mike on January 2nd, 2020

The majority of internet users have social media apps downloaded on their phones. These social networks serve as a great opportunity for the businesses to up interaction and generate positive opinions about them. 

However, that’s not the only advantage social media offers to Mobile App Development Jeddah for businesses. There is a lot more they contribute towards the success of the application developed for your business. That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Social Networks And Their Importance In Boosting Mobile Applications: 

The most important factor that makes social networking sites an important channel to improve the traffic on your mobile app is the audience presence on these websites. That’s what makes it more accessible for you to interact with your clients and target audience. 

These sites serve as an important tool for generating insights for your business. That can be done by monitoring the relevant information about your target audience posts on their profile regarding their digital needs. This information can be used to understand the preferences of your potential clients and to add more value to your enterprise. 

This makes it very clear that social networking channels play an important role in the acquisition of new customers and retaining older ones. These networks are exceptional sources to add to the number of downloads and sales for your business. 

Some of the advantages these networks offer your mobile apps include: 

· Customer Loyalty:

Entrepreneurs can engender loyalty by using social networking sites to their advantage. Once you link your social networks in your mobile apps, let say by making a fan page, you offer your target audience an interactive platform to communicate with you and the other users. They can express their opinions about your brands and persuade more clients to purchase the goods and services you are selling. 

Moreover, they can criticize the aspects they don’t like about your business and help you improve the quality of your goods according to their taste and preferences. 

These networks are the best platforms for you to strengthen your relationship with your clients so that they become more loyal to the products and the services you are offering them through your mobile app. 

· Brand Awareness: 

You can use social media to increase your brand awareness among your target audience. This way you can make your brands more noticeable all across the world. Adding social media to your marketing strategy is a great initiative. 

That’s because social media is one of those grounds that have no geographical boundaries. You can market your app on social media to reach a new audience and expand your business without any hassle. 

· Increase In the Number of App Downloads:

An effectively developed social media strategy ensures better visibility for your mobile app and as a result, for your business. It most certainly adds to the number of your app downloads. However, you don’t get the results overnight. 

First of all, you need to establish a great relationship with your clients, only then you will get the desired outcomes. 

· Increase In the Apps’ Traffic:

If you are establishing a good relationship with your target audience on social media, they will naturally switch from your social page to your app download page. As a result, you will witness an increase in the traffic of your app as well as improvement in the credibility of your brands in the search engines. 

This means every time an internet user is looking for one of the items or services you are selling, the web address of your company will appear in the top searches. This increases the chances of the users to visit your app, download it on his cellphone and make a purchase. 

· Reduced Marketing Costs: 

Social media platforms are free to use. That means you don’t need to pay a penny to promote your business app online. Moreover, the entire marketing process is exceptionally facilitated so that you could maximize the benefits each channel has to offer. 

With the help of social media insights, you can easily find out at which time you should schedule your posts to make them reach a wider range of audiences. 


The use of social media apps can add more value to your mobile App Development Riyadh. If you want to boost the visibility of your mobile application, there is no better way to do so by adding social media links to your app. 

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