Camping Kroatien and camping Istrien for a total experience

Posted by hellensmith on March 6th, 2012

There are times when you are absolutely fed up with your routine city life. This is when you need to go out to the countryside and enjoy a few days of bliss. And while you are in the countryside one activity that is a must for you is camping. And when it comes to camping, camping Kroatien and camping Istrien are among the best in the world.

Camping as a concept became popular somewhere near the beginning of the 20th Century. In the initial phases camping was mostly organized by youth groups where camping would be same as scouting. Groups of people would gather together and set up camps in semi-urban or rural or completely natural areas and spend a few days there. Camping may include a lot of adventure sports and activities or it could be about staying in a campsite doing nothing. camping Kroatien and camping Istrien are hugely popular among both types of campers – campers looking for a lot of activities as well as campers looking for just peace and quiet.

Istria in Croatia is one of the most beautiful holiday spots in the world. Nature has bestowed her best in this peninsula. Thousands of people frequent Istria month after month. Some of them prefer staying in the hotels that dot the entire area here. But there are some that come to Istria just to enjoy camping Kroatien and camping Istrien.

Rovinj and Vrsar are considered to be the two best places for camping Kroatien and camping Istrien. If you are in Rovinj then the best camps to enjoy are at Amarin, Polari and Veštar. Amarin is located 4 km to the north of Rovinj. This campsite is well known for its adventure sports that keep entire families interested. Amarin also offers a splendid view of the Old Town of Rovinj. 2 km south of Rovinj along the coastline is Polari. This is a modern camping site where you can enjoy sports facilities, enjoy a swim in the pool and live a lavish and modern life at the same time. 3 km further south of Polari is Veštar. Veštar has some of the best campsites in the world and is located just off the pebble beach. All the modern amenities are available here too.

Camping Kroatien and camping Istrien at Vrsar include camping at Koversada, Porte Sole and Valkanela. Koversada has a huge campsite that can accommodate up to 5,000 people at one time. Here you can camp in the island too. Porte Sole is popular because it is only 5 minutes away from the centre of Vrsar. It boasts of a diving centre and has numerous sports courts. The Valkanela camp is on a bay. Here you get an ideal mix of urban and rural setups.

If you want a camping experience that you will not forget in a hurry, camping Kroatien and camping Istrien are ideal for you. Book your camping here and see how your entire family enjoys the vacation. These camps offer everything you want – a laidback atmosphere that has all the amenities.

If you are looking at some of the best camping experience of your life then you must enjoy camping Kroatien and camping Istrien.

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