Type of Attorneys Crucial For Any Successful Business

Posted by leslierickson on January 2nd, 2020

There are primarily two professionals that every business is required to have for a proper functioning — an accountant and an attorney. The reasons for employing an accountant are quite obvious — you are required to get someone for setting up your account charts, review your numbers frequently, and prepare all your federal, state and local return of tax. The objective for hiring a business lawyer may not be so apparent. A high-profile Houston business law attorney might be able to provide vital assistance in most of the aspects of your business, from compliance on basic zoning and advise on copyright and trademark, to formal business incorporation and liability.

Types of attorneys

Similar to doctors, lawyers are becoming highly specialized in their respective area. Someone who is mostly into wills, house closings and various non-business issues is probably not a great fit for your own business. Accordingly, you may be required to follow a certain sets of skills. The more the skills, the better the resource.

Contract : You will be required to have a lawyer who has the ability to understand your business in a short span of time, make way for the standard form contracts you will need with clients as well as suppliers, and thus help you answer to contracts that other individuals would want you to sign.

Business organizations : You will be required to have an attorney who can let you decide in between a corporation and a limited liability company (LLC). They will let your know which is the better way to sort your business, and produce the necessary paperwork.

Real estate : Leases of commercial properties — such as offices and retail stores are have a complicated procedure and are always created for the benefit of the landlord. Since they are more inclined towards being a printed form of document, you may be convinced to think they are not at all negotiable. That is not the case. Your attorney is required to have a standardized tenant's addendum, which comprises of various provisions that can benefit you. It can be conveniently added to the printed form lease document.

Intellectual property : If you from the media house, design or any sort of creative business, it is absolutely a plus if your business attorney in Houston, Texas can help you register your products and services for trademark and copyright shield.


Consider these options and make sure to use a business attorney/lawyer for your own business.


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