Top 5 Tips to Avoid Spam Folder in Yahoo Mail

Posted by Contact Support Number on January 2nd, 2020

Yahoo is a platform that ensures better applications for its users. Yahoo is thus a user friendly platform that ensures easy to use applications but in case of issues, you may touch with tech support expert via Yahoo Phone Number. If you are very serious about transmission of email, you will check regularly to ensure that your valid email is sent to the inbox of the recipient but sometimes it get to spam folder by default.

There Are Tricks With Which You Can Avoid Mails to Directly Get to Spam. Here Are Some Steps to Avoid:

tips to spam folder

1.   Be Compliant with CAN-SPAM

The CAN-SPAM Act, a statute that sets rules for commercial communication, sets standards for commercial communications, grants users the right to stop emailing them and imposes harsh penalties for infringements. Business-to-business email is no exception to the law.

2.   Use Permission Based Marketing

Get your recipients ' permission to send marketing emails to them. Place your website or landing page with a subscription form and ask visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. To stop spam and bot subscriptions, take a step further and ask them to confirm their subscription. If you need help for this, contact yahoo customer service uk.

3.   Avoid Spam Traps

Spam traps are email addresses set up to determine spammers by ISPs and anti-spam organizations. Since such email addresses are not used by a human being, there is no way to subscribe to the mailing list of anyone. Thus, spam is considered to be any message sent to a spam trap address.

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4.   Ask Recipients to Whitelist You

Take a step further at the subscription stage and ask subscribers to connect to their whitelists or secure sender lists your sending email address. On the "Thank You" tab, you will show the whitelisting instructions and then repeat them in your first newsletter.

5.   Remove Your IP from Blacklists

If your receiving IP address is on a blacklist, distributing emails to the inboxes of the subscribers is extremely difficult. Use the IP credibility manager for G-Lock Apps to verify whether or not the IP address of your email server is blacklisted. You can allow email notifications to alert you when a blacklisting problem is identified by the program.

This makes it sure that your mails do not get to spam folder automatically so that it can be accessed. If you need any help for the same, you may dial @ 0800-098-8400 Yahoo Contact Number UK.

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