Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Business Stamps

Posted by Maria on January 2nd, 2020

Custom Stamps are versatile office supplies with various utilisation in the business world. If you also want to delve into the realm of custom business stamps, then here are some questions that you should ask your vendor before making the purchase.

What types of rubber stamps do you provide?
There are various types of stamps, such as Address stamp, Endorsement, Notary, Signature, Ink Pad, Pre-Inked, Self-Inking, Personalized rubber stamps and more.

Ask the vendor about the types of rubber stamps they offer. You may need more than one type of rubber stamp for different purposes. Hence, it is better to choose a vendor that provides a range of types of stamps, so that you can get everything under the same roof.

Do I need to purchase ink pad separately?
Usually, you need ink pads for conventional rubber stamps. But if you intend to purchase a pre-inked rubber stamp, then you won't need an ink pad. So, know your needs and if you are in doubt whether you should buy ink pad or not, then ask it out to your vendor.

You can also ask the difference between a pre-inked stamp and traditional stamp to know why you need an ink pad with the traditional one and why you don't with the pre-inked.

What are the sizes available?
Some custom stamp providers have size limits, while others offer a range of sizes and shapes to serve your needs. The latter option is preferable than the former as you won't have to adjust with size and you can get what you want.

So, before choosing your vendor, ask them about the sizes of stamps that you can have.

Can you include my logo on the rubber stamp?
Your business stamp is incomplete without your logo. So, ask the stamp provider whether they can get your logo imprinted on your custom stamp or not. And if it can, then what is the procedure.

An ideal custom stamp providing company asks you to upload your logo design in high resolution to mount it on your stamp.

Is there any discount?
Who doesn't like to save? Some online vendors provide discounts for multiple orders. Ask your vendor whether they offer discounts on your purchase or not.

Moreover, many providers keep their price low on their products. So, get the quotes from multiple online vendors and compare their price to get your custom rubber stamps at the most affordable price.

When will my order reach?
Ask the vendor when will your order reach to you, so that you may proceed with your work. You might need your order as soon as possible.

In that case, ask them if they provide quick deliveries. Choose the vendor that offers faster turnarounds. Ideally, your order takes 5 to 7 business days to get processed and shipped.

So, before buying business custom stamps, ask these questions to get satisfying results.

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