The Importance of Choosing An Gravity convection ovens Cabinets in Laboratory

Posted by Global Lab Supply on January 2nd, 2020

Laboratory ovens are important for various reasons. These ovens enable scientists and researchers to remove moisture from their samples, sterilise them, and get the right ambience by pre-heating them for their experiments and so on. With a good lab oven, you will be getting amazing service for several years. It can withstand heave use on a regular basis. Thus, it is important that you spend a lot of time researching and understanding lab ovens before you invest your money. This will help you to choose the right oven for your requirements in the lab. In this small post, you will learn about the importance of getting a gravity convection oven in your laboratory.

What are gravity convection ovens?

Gravity ovens are dependent upon temperature the differences in density of the heated air which is required for circulation within the chambers. Such a natural form of circulation will be useful in providing lesser issues and problems in temperature stability, along with uniformity and some dead spots within the oven chamber. But, it is important to also note that the gravity convection oven is best suited for use in general drying applications and in certain instances where there are strong and feisty air currents which may even displace some lightweight samples. Lastly, the gravity convection oven is inexpensive and economical. It is also quite easy to operate. 

Benefits of Gravity Convection Ovens:

Testing of Applications:

In order to test the applications of different construction materials, gravity convection ovens are used for drying different materials at specific and controlled temperatures and for heating asphalt materials required in handling or testing. It is also essential that you follow the testing protocols when you are heating your aggregates and asphalt to avoid reaching temperatures which can change their unique properties. Gravity ovens are also useful for heat treating, metal conditioning and also annealing.

Controlling Temperature range:

A gravity convection oven will provide you with a high maximum temperature range which make it suitable for use in different applications. You will have to set the temperature at different levels to test different materials and a gravity convection oven will offer you the highest range with maximum stability.

Drying the Aggregates:

A lot of oven models will list a certain minimum temperature for correct operational usage. This will be the lowest temperature which the oven will be able to perform in under stated specifications. The minimum temperature will be important when you want to test different types of materials with different properties.

The main reason why gravity convection ovens are so popular is because of the method by which the heating is done in the chambers. The heat gets distributed in an even manner all over the oven chamber in the lab by means of gravity convection which results in heating all the different components. You can easily find several lab oven suppliers from the internet. Be careful during the installation process and insist on a professional to do the installation.

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