Interesting Facts About the History of Diabetes

Posted by Hadriel Sam on January 2nd, 2020

Diabetic Mellitus is not new to humans and has been   Blood Sugar Formula Review    known to be in existence from pre-historic times. The history of diabetes takes you back to about 3500 years ago. This condition is said to have been diagnosed by doctors in the year 1552 B.C. In the ancient medical books, it is mentioned that doctors have associated this disease with polydipsia and polyuria. It has also been mentioned in the Greek history and in the French, Indian and Chinese history that people had been suffering from this disease for ages. In the ancient period, this disease was associated with symptoms such as heavy and frequent urination.

Pre Medieval ages - According to the History of Diabetes, the name was recorded in English in the year 1425 in a medical text. In the year 1675, the word mellitus was added to it by Thomas Willis, which means 'honey' in Latin. In the year 1776, it was confirmed that the sweet taste of urine was due to excess sugar in the urine and in blood of the person with diabetes. This disease was supposed to be a death sentence for the patient in the ancient era. A diabetic was condemned to a short life filled with pain and suffering.

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