Experience the Marvels of Taiwan: Top 3 Attractions in the Ilha Formosa

Posted by Isabellesam on January 2nd, 2020

Taiwan, formerly known as Ilha Formosa (meaning the Beautiful Isles), lies in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by Japan, China and the Philippines. This Asian island is home to a wildly diverse ecology and people. With a chain of mountains running north to south at the centre of the island, vibrant forests, a gorgeous coastline and a myriad of hot springs, Taiwan is one of the most popular cheap holiday option for nature lovers.

However, it is not only nature lovers who find a paradise in Taiwan. Travellers and tourists who love to explore vibrant cultures and want to experience Asian cuisine at its best, often line up for a Taiwan holiday.

Most Popular Destinations in Taiwan

There are so many wonderful attractions and sights to visit in Taiwan that it is almost a challenge to come up with the top three places. Listed below are the three most loved places by travellers who visited Taiwan:

#1. Taroko National Park

Carved by the Liwu River, Taroko Gorge is what lends its name to one of the most popular national parks in Taiwan. You can hike the trails of Taroko Gorge and immerse in the wondrous beauty of nature that is on offer. The best way to access the Gorge is through Hualien. The magnificent marble gorge of Taroko, the blissful trail that follows the Shakadang River, the Qingshui Cliff looming high above the Pacific Ocean, and the waterfalls of Baiyang trail are some of the delights that await travellers who visit Taroko National Park.

Some of the other top attractions in Taroko National Park are:

Eternal Spring Shrine

Xiangde Temple

Zhuilu Suspension Bridge

Taroko National Park is one of those must-visit places on a Taiwan holiday.

#2. Sun Moon Lake

Located in Nantou County, the Sun Moon Lake is the largest water body in Taiwan. Surrounding the island called Lalu, the lake gets its name from its unique appearance- the west side of the lake appears like a moon while the east side of the lake looks like the sun. Sun Moon Lake is the perfect place to visit for those who seek a combination of comfort and adventure. There are many wonderful hiking trails around the lake and many great places to unwind after a long day in the vicinity. While there, you can opt for a luxury yacht tour on the beautiful calm waters of the lake and/or a fun cable car ride to Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

#3. Penghu

Looking for places for an ideal romantic gateway? The archipelago of Penghu is the best-kept secret of Taiwan and perfect for those who love the waves and the sand. Natural wonders, deep cultural history and breath-taking views of the ocean are what await travellers who discover Penghu. A collection of around 90 islets in the strait of Taiwan, Penghu offers a wonderful opportunity for island hopping. You can visit the most popular islands Quimei and Wangan under the South Recreational System or Jibeiyu and Mudouyu under the North Recreational System or both if you are an avid sea lover.

Penghu offers a wonderful choice for food lovers too- the seafood available is simply mind-blowing and do not forget to taste cacti-based delicacies on your vacation at Penghu. 

When planning a cheap holiday in Taiwan, do not forget to include at least one of the top three destinations for an unforgettable experience in this nation of wonder.

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