Benefits Of Warehouse And Distribution Mobility

Posted by rima chauhan on January 2nd, 2020

Technology has come to be the order of the day, and how! No matter which industry you’re talking about, customers expect faster delivery, quality products, and competitive prices. If businesses aim for sustained growth in the long run, they need to ensure connectivity through mobile devices and applications which are a part and parcel of supply chain, logistics, and transportation professionals. Let’s take a look at the operational benefits of warehouse and distribution mobility which in turn can boost customer service, bring down order cycle times, and drive growth rates, as far as sales and revenue are concerned.

Performance can be monitored anytime, anywhere in real time: monitoring performance or tracking statuses for product distribution is no longer confined to a desk- you can keep a tab on the performance of employees, the warehouse or the entire supply chain from anywhere, at just the touch of a button.

Real time decision-making: you no longer need to wait for reports to identify the problem areas, whenever there’s an issue, you can come up with a solution then and there. This is also applicable to food distributors in Oman.

Health and safety: warehouses may have restrictions due to refrigeration tempratures that employees are supposed to monitor their movements and time within certain locations. Mobile tracking can be used to alert employees on the time spent in restricted areas. This can go a long way in ensuring compliance with health and safety laws.

Precision monitoring: these devices and applications will allow you to see your shipments at all times. Tracking offers the facility of determining whether shipments are on track or running behind.

Engagement: mobile technology enjoys wide acceptance since it makes work-life easier. Your workforce will be more involved in the supply chain management since everything will be available just a button away. Needless to say, this improves engagement.

Cost effective: with the implementation of mobility in the supply chain, affordability will also increase, thus, it is not only cost-effective, but may actually be cheaper than the methods that are currently in use.

Longer asset utilization and lifecycle: with real-time inventory visibility, you can expect greater asset utilization and longer asset life cycles which brings down the total cost of ownership.

Labour productivity: mobile initiatives such as Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD), Seamless Cross-Docking and Cycle Counting of stock allow visibility and real-time information to be fed into a centralized inventory/warehouse management system. This will consequently lead to greater labour productivity.

Al Maya Trading is one of the leading food distribution companies in the UAE, brings together some of the finest food brands from all over the world. It is associated with world-class brands such as Kraft Heinz, Cadbury Biscuits, Oronamin C, etc. 

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