Characteristics of Hardness and Thickness Tolerance of Acrylic Plate

Posted by pu tian on January 3rd, 2020

Hardness of Large Acrylic sheet: Hardness is one of the parameters that can best reflect the production process and technology of cast acrylic sheet, and is an important part of quality control.

Hardness can reflect the purity of MMA, weatherability and high temperature resistance of the board. Hardness directly affects whether the plate will shrink, bend or deform, and whether the surface will crack during processing. Hardness is one of the hard indexes to judge the quality of acrylic plate. The imported material pouring acrylic plate has the highest hardness index of the same products in China at present.

The control of plate thickness tolerance is an important embodiment of quality management and production technology. The thickness tolerance of the acrylic plate cast with imported materials shall be controlled within+0.2 mm. Transparency/whiteness: strict raw material selection, advanced formula follow-up and modern production process ensure excellent transparency and pure white of the plate. After flame polishing, it is crystal clear.


1. Acrylic plates shall not be stored in the same place with other organic solvents, let alone contact with organic solvents.

2. During transportation, the surface protective film or paper cannot be scratched.

3. Do not use in an environment where the temperature exceeds 85℃.

4. When cleaning acrylic board, only 1% soapy water should be used, and soft cotton cloth should be dipped in soapy water. Hard objects or dry rubs should not be used, otherwise the surface will be easily scratched.

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