4 Differences Between On-site and Off-site Airport Parking

Posted by mvpparking on January 2nd, 2020

If you’re flying out of town, you might need to find a place to park your car near the airport. When this situation arises, you have two options; on-site parking and off-site parking. On-site parking is owned and operated by the airport while off-site parking is a different business. There are multiple differences between these two that will help you find the right SeaTac parking.


On-site airport parking is located on the airport grounds. Most airports have parking garages that are near the terminal and offer easy access. Those using this type of parking can usually access the terminal through a tunnel or bridge. Other airports have parking lots located a little further away from the terminal. Off-site airport parking facilities are located away from airport grounds but are usually very close by. Those that choose this method of parking will park their car at the parking facility and take a free shuttle to the terminal. When they return home, they will call the company who will send a shuttle to pick them up at arrivals.

Parking Options

Airports usually offer three parking options; daily, short, and long-term parking. The location of each lot depends on which option you choose. Daily or short-term parking is usually located in a parking garage near the airport terminal. This is usually the most expensive option. Long-term parking is often located on paved lots around the airport grounds. This is usually the cheapest on-site option. Off-site parking companies use a set rate for anyone that uses their service. They usually have one parking area in which all vehicles will be parked until the owner returns.


The price of your parking typically depends on its proximity to the terminal. On-site airport parking is usually more expensive than off-site parking because the commute to the terminal is much easier. Off-site parking is usually cheaper than on-site because it’s further away from the terminal. However, off-site parking options will drop you off at departures and pick you up at arrivals, making it an easy process.


If you choose on-site parking, you’ll have easy access to the terminal but will have to deal with airport traffic. This will take place when you arrive and when you leave. Off-site parking might be further away but the traffic is usually much easier to navigate. Many of these businesses are located on side roads, making it easy to get to and from the location by car.

If you’re taking a flight for your next trip, you’ll need to decide where to park your car. The choices you have are between on-site parking and off-site parking. Understanding the differences will help you determine which type of SeaTac parking is right for you.

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