Benefits of Wearing a Gemstone

Posted by Bulk Gemstones on January 3rd, 2020

Benefits of Wearing a Gemstone

benefits of wearing gemstone

Gemstones have always been fascinating to humans since time Immemorial. They have Numerous Myths and Legends associated with them. It is popularly believed that Noah’s ark had a Gemstone on it, that Gemstone was Rhodolite Garnet - Benefits of Wearing a Gemstone

In ancient times, people used to burn amber to protect themselves from sea monsters. Gemstones are considered Magical Stones with enormous power and divinity. Possession of Gemstones can bring you immeasurable prosperity, health and peace.

Found in Various parts of the World, these Gemstones are enhanced and carved into Precious Stones which are then sold as Ornaments and Jewelry.  Wearing a Gemstone is beneficial in several ways; the best way is to wear them around your neck to experience all the Powers.

Success - Benefit of Wearing Gemstone

Gemstones can lead you to the path of Success and Prosperity. These Stones have the power to clear your visions about your goal. They fill your soul with a Passion that makes you pursue your dreams with unstoppable force and hard work.

Stones like Garnet and Amethyst are known to remove self-doubt and fear of failure from within you. They harbour a Passion for your Goal and confidence to pursue them. Gemstones remove the energies that fill your Soul with Insecurity.

These Stones enhance the creativity of the Wearer and induce inspiration and opening the door for growth. Blue Sapphire is a popular Stone which brings Discipline and a sense of focus within you.

Connection -

Wearing Gemstones can connect you to the universe in several ways. Gemstones like the Clear Quartz Stone have the power to create a balance between your past self and your future self making your present self more aware of your Conscious.

Gemstones have the power to connect your Soul to a higher spiritual being, something that only the Gurus and Priests are known to achieve. These Stones bring out the Positive energies of Nature; the Freshness of the sea, the warmth of the sun, the brightness of the moon and surround you in a bubble of these positive Energies.

Healing - Benefit of Wearing Gemstone

It is no News that Gemstones possess Healing Powers and can alienate all kinds of Miseries. The Energies of Gemstones remove any bad aura surrounding us.

The red colored Garnet has the Power to energize the Soul and Boost the wearer’s confidence. It fills the soul with positive energy and motivation. It increases the blood pressure flow and Pearls are a Beautiful white Naturally occurring Gemstone with the power to balance your entire body and fill your soul with Positive Energies.

Pearls were used in ancient medicines to treat fertility related issues and digestive Problems. It is Believed that Pearls can cure Skin Problems. The Moonstone Gemstone removes anxiety and depression from your mind and promotes motivation and inspiration along with Creativity.

Peace - 

Gemstones can bring Peace not only in your surrounding but within you. These Stones remove the fear of Insecurities and doubt that may be residing in your Heart and fill it with a wave of confidence and inspiration.

Stones like Hematite and Blue Lace Agate release stress from the body and calm your nerves. In this Fasting moving World, where we are so caught up in achieving Goals and living up to the expectations of others and ourselves, stress and depression are common effects.

These things can weigh us down Emotionally and Mentally. Gemstones act as a friend in these lonely times and make sure that our Minds and Hearts are free from the miseries and at peace. Turquoise and Aqua Aura is Stones which are helpful in times of frustrations. They bring the vibes of peaceful Energies and calm your Senses.

Love - Benefit of Wearing Gemstone

Gemstones have long been associated with Love and Passion. Often times, these Stones are gifted to their beloved Loved ones and hence are a Symbol of Love and Affection.

These Stones can improve your Relationships by removing any kind of Friction between you and your Lover. Stones like a Rose Quartz and Moonstone increase sensitivity and compassion. Gemstones also improve sexual life by increasing metabolism and passion.

They bring inner peace and harbour the root of Self-Love, the greatest form of Love. Wearing Rose Quartz increases the existing Love between you and your partner and strengthens your bond.

Bluestones like Lapis Lazuli are known to remove fidelity from the Relationship and harvest a strong bond of trust and loyalty. Gemstones when worn around your neck, remove shyness boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Protection -

One of the most important benefits of wearing a Gemstone is protection. These Stones protect the wearer from Negative energies and vibes surrounding them. Wearing a Gemstone around your neck or in your hand is said to keep away the bad souls and harmful energies. Blue Sapphire is a Stone known for acting as a shield for the evil eye and people who possess ill-will in their Hearts for you.

Beauty - Benefit of Wearing Gemstone

Gemstone, besides providing you Numerous powers and strengths, also increases your Physical Beauty. Wearing a Gemstone will make you the center of attention at any event and attract people towards you. Stones like Amber, Sapphire, Pearls have always been and still are in demand for their Beauty.

Gemstones, although tiny in size, provide plenty of Benefits to the wearer. Their immaculate power and magic work together to cleanse your Mind and Soul from any kind of negativity. Wearing a Gemstone not only enhances your Outer Beauty but also brings out the inner beauty residing within your Soul.

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