Ten years of ups and downs in World of Warcraft 4

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on January 3rd, 2020

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Warlords of Draenor
The WoD patch before release brought a lot of changes to the system, in some ways, similar to the changes in the game world when Cata was released. The first major change is that players are able to see their first weak stats. When the fog dispersed, all of the recorded numbers have become extremely ridiculous. The value of life from the player to injuries and treatment values ​​every piece of information the changes brought about an exponential growth stage, this figure even reached late in millions of levels. To prevent these numbers from reaching ridiculous levels, all players are miserable. Of course, there are some changes can still be solved, but in general, a good level of compression that effect. Unfortunately, our data has not been suppressed for a long time, because the data and power levels throughout the WoD are growing rapidly.

raid difficulty structure was completely changed to what it is today and is divided into different levels: LFR, general, hero, myth. Prior to this change, the difficulty structure was: LFR, Flexible (10-25), Normal 10 / Normal 25, and Heroic 10/20. This is a good change for the Association of Senior forward large extent. One disadvantage of flex attack in combat there will always break point, a certain number of players make the battle easier or more difficult. Of course, a world-class line will also use this feature to gain some advantage. By the highest difficulty settings can be changed to a digital, making it possible to regulate the process of competition but also be able to make the game easier to process, which is not too difficult.

With the change raid difficulty, Blizzard also dropped in the raid booty made some changes such as increased chance players will get the Buy WOW Classic Gold. One problem encountered is raid equipment falling, no one can use in the raid. For example, in Int leather used in the raid without Boomkin. To counter this plate armor, which always have both strength and intelligence, and e-mail and leather equipment always has the agility and intelligence. This is also a hit, skill, dodge and parry are removed when. Although when I finally get one hat, I know I'm ready, this is a happy moment, but it can also be frustrating. Especially when some awesome new items will drop, which is an upgrade, but using it will make me fall too far below the hit cap. Dodge and parry are deleted, because Blizzard more inclined to take the initiative to ease the tank rather than passive ease.

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