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Sometimes it is hard enough to motivate yourself to get to the gym and sometimes it is not easy to pack a bag for the gym unless the bag is designed specifically for the gym. Designed gym bags are specially created to carry your wet clothes, carry towels, water bottles, mobile/ wallet, locker keys, and a pair of sneakers.

Ideally, the Best Backpack for gym and work should be large enough to carry everything you need for a comfortable workout and post-workout session. Duffel bags are named for the best gym bags which are lightweight, sturdy, washable, and durable. Today there are three major types of duffle bags for gym use and for other use as well.

  • Barrel Duffel Bag

This basic duffel bag is basically a tube-shaped bag of cloth along with straps and you can find two varieties of this bag.The original design includes the top closure duffel and has a top opening. These bags are often used for carrying large equipment. The durability and carrying possibilities have made these bags very popular. The other variety of duffle bag has a side zipper closure that runs the length of the bag. These bags are made of canvas and sometimes you can find this bag made of woven polyester. They are commonly considered as the best gym bags as they are helpful for the athletes while carrying equipment. Both types of this barrel duffel shape have only one compartment. This is only helpful when you don’t have to carry extra items. If you carry items then this bag can get disorganized making the barrel duffel a mess.

  • Wheeled DuffelBag

This major type of duffel bag is the wheeled variety. Many of these bags have a rigid bottom with a wider opening and a zipper running on the top side of the bag. These bags have the major advantages of most separate sections and some of the sections can even be expanded into larger bags. This duffel bag can also be taken to walk a long distance.

  • Squared Duffel Bag

The latest adaptation of this bag is the box-shaped bag. This bag is like a box in shape with side zipper closure. This variety contains separate zipped compartments on the ends and this is the major feature that is great for keeping the bag organized. The squared duffel bags are made up of more rigid plastic with backed woven polyester. In these bags, you will see plastic covered wire piping on the perimeter which gives them more rigidity and structure.

 Your duffle gym bag must-have multiple compartments so that you can use them to store your items securely. The zipped compartments provide a great place to keep your regular gym essentials such as a cell phone, car keys, and credit cards. You can carry a spare plastic bag or can make the best choice by choosing the best gym bag with shoes compartment.  They are specially designed to keep your shoes and flip flops separate bag for other items in the bag.

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