Which one do you prefer: WoW Classic or Modern WoW?

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on January 3rd, 2020

With the release of WoW Classic, a topic has gradually become the focus of discussion among players-which of WoW Classic and Modern WoW is better? Based on what players have said in the community, most players believe that WoW Classic's performance exceeds expectations, so it is better than Modern WoW. We have summarized and compared the reasons listed by the players. Keep reading this article and you will learn several reasons why WoW Classic is better than Modern WoW. Do you have different opinions? You can also say what you think. ZZWOW is really one of suitable WOW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

Levels make more sense in WoW Classic
Even loyal fans of modern WoW have to admit that in modern WoW, the level has lost its meaning because the upper limit of the level has swelled beyond the designer's control. In the latest expansion of Azeroth, the upper limit of the character's level has reached 120 levels that have never been seen before. Because the development team has not configured the appropriate new skills or features for each level, sometimes your role is just upgraded, but it does not make any actual changes.
In WoW Classic, your level may have a profound impact on your next move. Some dungeon requires you to reach a certain level to be open to you. In addition, you must reach level 60 to participate in the ultimate raid-Molten Core in the game to get the best armor and weapons in the game.

WoW Classic has a more active community and social life
In the eyes of most ordinary Cheap WOW Classic Gold people, gamers love loneliness, so they give up normal socialization and choose to talk to a bunch of data in the game. But the opposite is true. No one likes feeling lonely. Gamers just like to find friends who feel right in the game. WoW Classic offers them a great opportunity.
Just like in modern World of Warcraft, players need to get together to complete quests, defeat bosses and assault opposing factions, but you must join a guild or enter the industry chat and find some friends in the old fashioned way. You can't forget who is in your pickup group (PUG) with just a few mouse clicks. Features like LFG and Guild Finder are handy, but they take away what people love about games.

The Brill Tavern
The tavern, whether it's in an Azerothian city, a space station, or a DnD module, is where most of the role-playing and storyline action takes place. The Brill Tavern had a claim to fame as a dark, dreary place where hope and love went to die, quite the opposite of its shiny, happy counterpart of Goldshire. Now use code "XMAS" to have 6% discount at ZZWOW, visit and acquiring the cheapest WOW Classic Gold.
That's the point, as Brill was a vision of what happened to a Human kingdom after it had been ravaged by the Scourge. A chilling reminder of what could happen to Stormwind and Elwynn Forest should the other half of humanity fall. In later expansions, Brill was changed and expanded considerably as the Forsaken tightened its grip on Tirifal Glades, and the tavern is now completely different significantly. The loss of unique music was the most disappointing change.

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