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Sign Manufacturing Company Custom Sign Fabrication Inc. - IS LED SIGN

Posted by cassie on January 3rd, 2020

Sign Manufacturing Company Custom Sign Fabrication Inc. - IS LED SIGN

Sign Manufacturing Company - IS LED SIGN is the leading Wholesale Sign Manufacturers of different signs system. we specialized in the market of Lighted Sign Letters and Custom Metal Letters for more than 10 years.

Over the past decade, we have more than 100 professional and technical personnel in design, research, and development, production, and installation. We own a large-scale CNC shear bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, automatic paint baking room, PC screen printing press, and other professional production equipment. 

IS LED SIGN Channel Letter Sign Manufacturing Company to do international business around the world, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Danmark, Norway, Malta, etc. The electronic components ( the LED lights and Power Supply) which we used all with CE and RoHS certificated, UL certificated components also can be offered if need. We can complete all kinds of large and medium-sized labels and FRP product engineering with high quality, high efficiency, and refinement.

We have UL certified, which means we adhere to the standards set by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization that sets the fabrication standards for electric signs. This certification ensures our signs are constructed using the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

At the core of our business is our unrivaled attention to customer service. When using IS LED SIGN Manufacturing Company for your sign production needs, you are guaranteed the highest quality product, as well as the personal attention you and your project deserve.

We can custom many kinds of AdvertisingSignLetters base on clients' specification, including material, colors, size, and the certificated requests, the main styles  we do as below:

  • 1. Lighted Channel Letters:

Front-Lit Channel Letters are signs which illuminate from the front face,  and not light up from the side. As for the returns, the material can be a metal sheet, mirror-finished or brushed stainless steel, or aluminum with painting colors. The depth is normally about 6cm, but this can be customized by clients' requests. Face Lit Sign is suited for both outdoor and indoor because the LED lights that we use are waterproof. The color of LED lights available from white, green, blue, red and RGB, 

Backlit Channel Letter Signs also be called as Halo Lit Channel Letters or Reverse Lit Channel Letters, it’s individual and 3D, only the back-panel is lighted.  The material can be galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum or PVC, normally with 4cm depth. And customers can choose with acrylic backs ( 1cm deep or more) or not.  It is one of the most common LED Illuminated Letters, be widely used exterior and interior,  whether day or night, the excellent halo effect makes your Lighted Building Signs always be the focus, fit for business, building, and home. The amazing halo effect would make the Custom 3D Metal Signs appear to “floating” on the wall, it’s so special, beautiful and eye-catching. 

Front And Back Lit Channel Letters are combined Front Lit Sign with Custom Backlit Signs, as their name implies are illuminated from both sides - front and back. It is fabricated with acrylic face, metal, stainless steel or aluminum returns with 6cm or more depth, and with 1cm transparent acrylic backs. Front Back Lit Channel Letters incorporate your brand logo with their eye-catching design, correct light intensity, and outstanding viewing angle. These Lighted Commercial Signs create dimensional visibility - the ideal option to increase daily foot traffic and maximize the return on your marketing dollars 24 hours a day.

  • 2. Custom Acrylic Letters:

Illuminated Acrylic Letters usually made as both front-lit and side-lit letters which fabricate with acrylic face and acrylic returns. Edge-Lit Channel Letters are also popular with customers, we can stick mirror surface stainless steel on the face. We also can do Acrylic Logo With Light only illuminated from the front, the returns can be PVC with painting colors. As for the depth of acrylic, it is best to be more than 5cm, the LED lights effect will be best.

Flat Cut Acrylic Letters are cutting as designs on the solid acrylic sheet, the normal thickness is 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 18mm. Flat Cut Acrylic Letters can be Clear Acrylic Letters and colored Acrylic Numbers And Letters. Or stick a thinner colored acrylic sheet on the face of clear acrylic letters.

Small Acrylic Letters which suit for small size designs, it is fabricated as two parts of the solid acrylic board ( front and back), the depth is about 24cm(16mm+8mm). These kinds of Small LED Letters also do well both outside and inside.

  • 3. Non-illuminated 3D Sign:

3D Stainless Steel Letters is the most popular type of non-illuminated signs, it is available from 304# mirror finished surface and brushed stainless steel. We seldom paint colors on stainless steel since it is anti-rust itself. 

Aluminum Letters And Numbers are also often seen in the mall or personal store. You can do Custom Brushed Aluminum Sign or Cast Aluminum Sign Letters. Aluminum is the lightest material among many kinds of metals.

Custom Metal Logo Signs is most economy sign type, if you don't have too much budget, you can consider doing Custom Outdoor Metal Signs or  Metal Building Signage. We can paint any colors on the metal signs base on your choice from the PMS color card.

  • 4. Event Decoration:

Marquee Sign Letters is a vintage fashion style of Custom Marquee Lights, these are made up of metal letter frames with painting colors, hollow out bulb shape on face, and screw the LED bulbs. The normal size is 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm or 150cm high, and 15cm or 18cm deep, so it can be free-standing on the floor. You will see these Custom Light Up Letters in many events such as weddings and birthday parties. 

Foam Letter Table is a new style of event decorations. Our Table Base Letters is perfect for Wedding receptions, ceremonies, and events. The LOVE Table For Sale and Baby Letter Table For Sale can be used as a Gift Table, Cake Table, Signing Table, etc.  The normal size of each Wholesale Foam Letters is 30inch High, 20cm or 40cm deep. If you need, we can do these table letters as front-lit with white color, red color or blue color, or RGB color changeable.

Custom Neon Signs are formed from glass tubes bent into specified shapes by our trained glassworkers or made up of the flexible neon strips. While Neon Logo Sign briefly fell out of fashion, they have made a resurgence, particularly in the art and architecture world. The resurgence has also brought them back to the forefront of commercial signs because their steady, colorful light has a piercing quality and therefore a high visual impact. Rather than creating entire signs out of the neon, the gas-filled neon glass began to accent signs, bringing attention to the artwork from blocks away. The few businesses that choose neon signs light up the night with distinct primary colors, making them a definite focal point at night.

Know more detail our product, please referent to Types of Signs For Advertising.

How To Install Letter Signs On The Wall? 

What should be paid attention to in the installation of the Lighted Channel Letter Signs?

1. During the transportation of the 3D LED Letters, pay attention to the placement and leveling of the letters. Generally, the keel frame is used to fix the words, and the 3D Channel Letters are wiped clean and packed together. There are also requirements for packaging, packaging Channel Letter Lighting with insurance film packaging and then with sponge film packaging outside, to protect well.

2. The installation floor of the Storefront Sign Letters is different. Sometimes, a scaffold is required. Before installation, the safety of the scaffold must be checked to ensure the construction safety.

3. Before the installation of the Internally Lit Signage, you need to check if the head of the door is suitable to install the LED Illuminated Channel Letters according to the situation of the site and the stress on the wall. If it is a new shop, it is generally OK. There is no need for the old shop to make large-scale light-emitting words of the head billboard.

Sign Manufacturing Company - IS LED SIGN Channel Letter Sign Factory

IS LED SIGN is Direct Manufacturing of All these kinds of Channel Letter Signs from China, we accept OEM/ODM orders and custom the Signage of what you really need.

About Our Team

We have a large, diverse group of people at Signs Manufacturing, with significant backgrounds and skills in the sign industry, and many with university educations. Over the past 10+ years, we've researched what is in your best interests so that your signage always helps your business, and does not detract from your success as your signage ages. AT&T, among others, has documented that deteriorating signage is a major reason once-successful businesses fail.

Therefore, the price of the sign isn't the only thing to consider; all signs are NOT created equal. We also realize that most failing businesses didn't recognize that they should have also considered their future when they bought their signs.

We have a large staff that continues researching products and innovations to continuously improve our products, and we've invested in the facilities to do so.

No one makes a better sign. Because of our manufacturing volume, larger than anyone else's, we can give you the best possible sign for the lowest possible price, which is what you need.


Even if you are looking for outdoor signs our Sales and Design Teams, consisting of 10 highly-trained individuals, are at your beck and call. Free Estimates on Business SignsLet us meet with you in your office, or at your new sign location, or home, or anywhere.

You will probably have a firm quotation for what you want during our meeting; certainly no more than a day later.

We are not just a sign company. Our suppliers say that we are the largest sign company in China. We can meet any demand, any schedule, anytime!

In addition to your personal sign consultant, your signage project will be managed by:

A Signage Project Manager assigned to shepherd your sign through production and installation. In addition to your salesperson, your Project Manager will also interface with you to keep you informed and obtain additional information so we can quickly solve any problems that arise.
Our Design Team double-checks the proportions of both the sign you approved and the installation location. Permitting and manufacturing drawings are prepared.

Our Production Manager verifies that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then schedules production. The more "eyes" on a project, the better!

Exclusive Automatic Customer Updates keep our customers informed, so they know where their sign is in production, when the permits were approved and when the sign is scheduled for install.

Our Shop Foreman verifies again that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then has your sign manufactured by our shop personnel. Again, the more "eyes" on a project, the better!

Quality Control putting even more "eyes" on your project, tests and verifies. They then add either a UL Listing label or an ETL Listing label, depending on the type of electrical sign.

We are trained to identify and solve problems before they affect your sign's delivery. If problems do arise, our sign company's goal is a trouble-free experience for our customers. Our staff can handle it!

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss more details of Business Logo or Channel Letter Signs, Today!

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