Things to Do When You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

Posted by Nabin Shaw on January 3rd, 2020

You took time before deciding to tie the knot with another person. You knew that it was a decision of a lifetime. Once you commit to another person, you need to stand by it. However, you can’t control the direction of your marriage. It’s possible for you to end up with someone who isn’t right for you. In the middle of your marriage, you might start having serious arguments. It’s also possible to be cold with each other and show no signs of happiness anymore. These are the things you need to do if you’re in this difficult situation. 

Work it out

Your vows were to be with your partner regardless of the circumstances. You have to stand by them. Even if you are already having a hard time, you can’t give up right away unless you have tried to fight for your marriage. Talk to your partner and have a serious conversation about the direction of your relationship. Be willing to listen instead of arguing all the time. Perhaps, a calm and diplomatic conversation would help. You can check out Therapy Hinsdale if you need help now. 

Get help from a counselor 

You need someone to help you navigate your difficult situation. A marriage counselor could be the person you need. It’s important to have someone who will guide you on the right path as you begin your discussion. The counselor doesn’t know you and won’t judge the status of your relationship. Your counselor won’t determine who’s right or wrong. The goal is to help you arrive at a result that will make both of you happy.

Don’t hesitate to get a divorce

A divorce is an option for those who can no longer stay in a relationship. It's available so that you can have a way out of a situation that you dislike. You should get a divorce only when you have already tried everything to salvage the relationship, but nothing has helped. It's also there to solve more difficult situations like domestic violence and cheating. If you can face the consequences of a divorce and you think there's no hope to save your marriage anymore, you should consider it.

If divorce isn’t an option yet, you can take a break. Take some time apart from each other and see where it goes. Determine how you feel being apart from your spouse. If you feel good about it, perhaps, it’s the right path for you. If not, you could go back and try to save the marriage. 

Don’t forget yourself

You can’t allow an unhappy marriage to destroy you. Always take care of yourself. Look good and feel good. If you have kids, you can’t make them worry. They will feel bad if they know you’re unhappy. If there are things you usually do, you should keep doing them. Now isn’t the right time to forget about yourself. You still have a lot of battles ahead, so you need to stay tough. Whether you stay in the marriage or not, you have to be happy with your decision.

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