The "secret" of ultrafine mill air duct clogging

Posted by lily lily on January 3rd, 2020

During the production process of the ultrafine mill, the air passage is blocked, which affects the production process. If it is not handled properly, it will also cause damage to the machine. No matter what kind of situation, it will affect the customer's profit problem. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of the air duct clogging in time and then take a reasonable solution. Here are the reasons for the air duct clogging in the production process of the ultrafine mill machine. How can we solve these problems?

Many people have different opinions about the cause of the air duct blockage. Of course, the solutions adopted are different. In order to better solve this problem, the experts of Shibang opened the specific cause of the air duct blockage phenomenon of the ultrafine mill:

The point is that during the production process, the feeder does not match the production efficiency of the equipment when the material is added to the ultrafine mill. The excessive material is added and the ultrafine powder production equipment does not process these materials in time. This leads to the clogging of the air duct. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust the feeding speed so that it matches the production speed of the ultrafine mill;

The second point is that the humidity of the material processed by the ultra-fine milling machine is too high, which causes the fine powder to adhere to the air duct, which will cause clogging in the long term. Therefore, pay attention to the screening of the material during production or dry it before putting it into the material.

The third point is that during the production of the ultrafine mill, due to the sudden power failure or shutdown, the fan of the ultrafine mill did not run normally when the ultrafine mill was started, which caused the air duct to be blocked. To solve this problem, it is necessary to start the equipment first. Observe whether the fan can run normally and then put the materials into production.

There are several reasons for the blockage of the fan of the ultrafine pulverizer introduced above, and solutions are given for each cause. In the actual production line, the causes can be eliminated one by one according to the faults of the ultrafine pulverizer and then resolved to help The equipment works more smoothly.

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