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Posted by Infosky Solutions on January 3rd, 2020

What makes an ecommerce website award winner?

Well let’s check out some of the best website to find out the aspects which has made them so much out of crowd.  Recently there has been a judging done over the ecommerce sites and few of the websites found which has been awarded prizes and accolade for their best designs.


What makes it different from others?

Here are the aspects discussed which has made these ecommerce website the most successful one

  • The A/B testing

The rigorous testing of which design work the most is the secret behind getting the best out of the user experience. This would bring out the real experience which the user is accepting and choose a personalizes website design for your ecommerce site

  • Categorization

This is another aspect of a good website design which helps the user to find products based on various aspects. Moreover categorization helps customers to look exact products without wasting any time. Thus categorization is helpful in getting positive user experience.

  • Bright color and engaging graphics

This is another aspect of the award winning website design – the bright color of the website. It makes the entire look attractive. But the color scheme should not be placed in awkward places. Also the engaging graphics with caption makes the web visit more fun and attract customer to explore it out.

  • Clear about content and product

The business should clearly and loudly tell about the product or service which would surely make the customers more interested in buying the products. The content should be made in such way that it would guide the customers how to buy it and get it delivered at your place.

  • Organization of large number of products

It is a very important task as the companies who handles large number of products often remain unexplored by the customers. And hence the best thing is hidden among the crowd. An effective design should be made in such way so that the products are organized in proper ways. The customer should have a scope to find all of them and explore it out.

  • Product presentation

Again this is something which should be taken care by the designer while creating a good ecommerce website design. Based on the presentation of the products, the customers find the interest of visiting the website and find details about them. Make sure the products presentation is done with the high quality image and proper products details too.

  • Page loading time

Take care of the page loading time as customers often skip to other product when the product loading is taking higher time. A good website should have fastest loading time which would show the customers the products within seconds.

Final words

Ecommerce website developers in India has been taking these functionalities into consideration and has been creating high quality ecommerce sites too. Find the best ecommerce website developer In India and get your website ready to be launched. Surely an effectively designed website would show the result within few months of business.

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