5 Things That Every Successful Business Have In Common

Posted by EveryDesigns on January 3rd, 2020

Success is just like a recipe, you need all ingredients in the right amount to cook the food delicious. A business that is successful needs to have these things. After extensive research, the following ingredients/things are found to be common among the successful business-

Defined Goal

Ask yourself, what is your goal?

How do you want your business to be in the next five years?

What’s the customer pain point and how can you solve that?

Is there any competition and how can you provide something better that others are not providing?

Answering these questions helps you in defining your goal and helping your business to grow. Goal setting is one thing that most people skip and end up in a hotchpotch situation.

You should set your goal by following two ways-

  1. Setting up long term goal that focus on overall growth of your business
  2. Setting up a short term goal that helps you in achieving the long term goal

 You should decide the time frame and try to beat the time. It makes you accountable and helps you in improving and optimizing your efforts.

Market Research

You should do extensive research about the market that you want to enter. This helps in solving the majority of problems as well as finding a sweet spot where you can start your business to expand.

The primary goal of business is getting sales from customers. If you provide customers with something that they are not getting elsewhere, then your business will definitely grow.

Let’s just say you have a product that no one has or ever had, meaning you brought an innovative product. But, is there any market for that product? Are there any customers for your product?

The prime example that comes into my mind is Segway, the inventor of Segway Dean Kamen thought he can bring revolution into personal transportation industry by introducing self balancing scooter, but, soon he realized that people are not willing to change, they will still prefer their car, bike etc. to travel.

Best Marketing Strategy

The most successful businesses have their marketing game top notch. They have strategies, plans and market acquisition techniques that made them successful. Every business used their USP to gain more market share.

If you want your business to grow like big cooperation then you need to have your marketing plan accordingly. This can only be done after researching your market.

After finding out your marketing plan you can decide what and where to invest like on a t shirt design online,TV commercial, Google ads, YouTube ads and much more.

Dedicated Team

Your team of professionals are the most important asset that you can have as a business owner. Having a dedicated team that focus on company’s growth helps them as well as your business.

Most businesses have a give and take relationship with their employees. But if you can establish one on one connection with each employee, or at least a majority of the employees, then those people will likely work for you day and night, in your good times as well as bad.

So, invest only in the people who are dedicated and determined to provide your business with their service. You can really make your employees happy with big of an investment. But, it requires effort from your side.


Investment is the most important factor that helps a business to grow exponentially. Raising capital investment by bringing investors into your business helps in meeting your funding requirements.

You need money to hire people, manage office, operating business and other 100 different expenses. Starting a business is not just having a business logo design, launching a website and marketing. It is more than that.

You need the right people, the right funnel, the right place and much more. For all that you need funding, you cannot pay for it from your profit as this will slow down your progress and the market will be volatile when it comes to change.


You must be asking questions like- Can I still be successful, if I do not follow these steps?

Well, yes! If you are lucky, and introduced an innovative product that took over the market

It’s quite possible.

But, let’s just say, you introduced an innovative product and followed these steps. What do you think would happen?

There is a company that comes to my mind and it is one of the most profitable businesses out there.

It’s The Apple Inc. You know the rest of the story. Don’t You?


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