Preventive medical check-up: 5 reasons not to miss it

Posted by John Smith on January 3rd, 2020

85% of cancer cases have a favorable prognosis if detected early. Know the importance of an annual preventive check at GP Botany.
Many are reluctant to pass a medical exam for fear of receiving bad news or simply not paying due interest, but have you wondered how useful it can be? Here we give you 5 reasons to leave fear behind and begin to take it on.

1. Know the state of your body:

Through a medical checkup at GP south Auckland, you know the state of your body. So do not get negative results, you will know what you can improve internally.

For example, if you have the glucose index above the normal level, you will know that you can level it by modifying your diet.

2. Detect diseases on time:

An annual medical check-up allows timely detection of diseases that, being chronic, can be treated and controlled early, especially when there are such silent diseases, such as lung cancer, glaucoma or diabetes.

3. Your peace of mind is first:

Knowing the state of your body, through a professional diagnosis, will not only help you to be cautious or control diseases, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need by clearing any doubts you may have about your body, through a professional diagnosis.

4. A reliable result is better:

Many times, when we present some small ailment, discomfort or symptom, we turn to sources that we consider reliable such as family, friends and even the internet. But remember that no diagnosis will be more accurate than the one with medical support.

5. Change habits:

If you are in good health, always remember to have an annual medical check-up. This will help you acquire habits that can make you feel better than you currently feel. As a professional, a doctor will know how to advise you based on your health conditions.

If you have insurance that gives you the benefit of getting a free medical check-up, there is no excuse to continue rejecting it. With prevention, everything is better! Remember, a preventive medical check-up, year by year, can improve your lifestyle!

At botanygp, our goal of medicine is to cure diseases, but the desire of all people is never to get sick or, if the disease is inevitable, to detect it in its earliest phase, when there are still no symptoms or complications. In this way, healing will be much more feasible.

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