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Posted by Diana Garcia on January 3rd, 2020

Sitting on a chair, sipping up some coffee, and that is when you are struck by a brilliant business idea. Maybe the picturization above is a little overdramatic, but this is how ideas spring up in real life. When you are simply going by your routine and something sticks to your mind. A business idea is the first step. If you are someone who has taken second, third … steps on the way to establish your business. We are here to fly another idea your way. 

How do you plan to sell your product?

While you are at it, why not keep our dear old environment in mind. Eco-Friendly Boxes are the next big jump that can take your business to a certain level of respect with your customers. The Eco-Friendly approach sends a message of responsibility and care. Above all, it is a prime responsibility of all men, women, and children to take care of the environment and protect it from harm's way. Look into environment-friendly packaging. Here we will provide you with some of the easily doable packaging options. Keep reading, and thank us later:

Cardboard Boxes

The most popular form of Eco-Friendly Boxes is the cardboard boxes. They are used for storing stuff that is not needed around anymore. As well as for moving purposes. But you can use them for shipments online. You can use Custom cardboard boxes with your business logo printed on it. These boxes will be customized according to your business identity.

Recycled Plastic

Does this title seem ironic to you? Talking about environment-friendly options and Plastic at the same time! But it is not an alien idea. Rather a much practical way of using all that plastic we have already created. Recycling and reusing the same plastic over and over kind of serves the purpose here. So the next time you decide to throw a plastic box away, think of reusing it.

Organic Fabric Packaging

Don’t want to use plastic? Don’t! You can use organic cloth bags instead. Like everything else, they are easily available in the market. Customize them and get them printed according to your brand.

Recycled Paper

Paper packaging for regular use items is not a new idea. But using recycled paper takes your brand up the responsibility pedestal. Recycled boxes made out of used magazines, newspapers, notebooks, diaries, etc. help save your garbage problems. There is a special packaging name for recycled paper. It is called Molded Pulp Packaging. Although it might cost you a little more than a new paper, you are serving and saving Mother Nature, and it is priceless.

Kraft Boxes Or Brown Boxes

Who doesn`t love brown kraft boxes? They are user-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time. By default, the Kraft Boxes are brown in color. But if you are not a fan of brown, with new technology you can get them in any color you want now. Get these Custom packaging boxes in your desired color and print your brand logo on top or side. Picking Natural kraft packaging means you choose to stay with the original brown color, but Custom printed boxes made of kraft paper can still do the job for you.

Corrugated Boxes: One step ahead of Cardboard Boxes

In case your business involves fragile shipping items to customers, but you want to be environment-friendly. So that leaves bubble-wraps out of the window. If this is you wondering what other Custom shipping boxes are your option. We would like to suggest Corrugated Boxes. These are basically made of cardboard, but they are more sturdy and suitable for storing and shipping the delicate item and also for food items. Because they have air columns within, just like bubble wrap. This air inside keeps the items safe from shock and keeps the walls of the Custom boxes strong.

Saving Environment Responsible Business Personal

When you decide to be environment-friendly in your custom boxes choices, you are not just serving a bigger cause than yourself, but your business also benefits from packaging the decision. People start seeing you as a responsible brand, and those who share the same ideas will prefer buying from you. Using Eco-friendly printed boxes might cost you a little more than the regular printed packaging boxes options available in the market. But since you will be buying in bulk, it might not really affect your business. Environment-friendly packaging materials are the necessity of the future because we have already exhausted our environment with excessive garbage.

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