Reasons and remedies for underperformance among children

Posted by innoclazz on January 3rd, 2020

With regard to the scholastic performance, there are 2 ways to present this picture. One is, a scenario where child is not properly groomed despite having abilities and the other is the real IQ being the issue. The world realized, Education is a pivotal for human development. Poor school performance creates a state of poor self-esteem, stress and a worry in the minds of parents who sponsor their children. Most often parents compare their performance with other kids will further amplify their feeling of shame and doubtfulness. But, The fact is, there is a reason behind why do a daughter/son being slow. Parents need to acknowledge the fact that almost every issue can be managed with patience and rationalized approach. Many parents do not realize the fact that, during their own school age they underperformed! home tutors in Hyderabad


Childhood is a roller-coaster passing through many blips. Parents, teachers and professionals need to address the issues only after accepting this fact.  There are a number of reasons why do some children fall behind while others outperform. Some of them  are organic, and many of the times genetic errors alongside  the prevailing psychological issues ,medical problems,  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder( ADHD), low IQ , specific learning disability, emotional problems, poor socio-cultural home environment, psychiatric disorders and even environmental causes will lead to the poor academic performance.

Apart from these specific causes, some of the manageable issues surfacing on each day shouldn’t be overlooked. Simple attention, a hug, touch, caring attitude, controlled discipline will help to prevent many issues. The following section further elucidates how simple measures can help out managing children’s learning issues.

  1. Stop comparing

This is probably the ongoing mistake that the parents do. Most often every simple action being over-supervised by the parents resulting in stress to the children. When a parent crosschecking the home work assigned by the teacher, the limitations and capacity of the child needs to be understood and the same shall be discussed with the class teacher in case of the child failed to finish off things. Parents must stop comparing the grade sheets, behavior, looks, talent etc, with other children as every child is a unique.

  1. Pay attention

Probably 75% of children miss out what is supposed to be received by the parents. If one has to pint out what is the most missed out aspect of child care, guess, it’s not the lavish house, good food rather it is the regular attention towards the child especially when it comes to education. Many parents complained that the student failed despite they knew the fact that they failed to observe day to day activities of the child.

  1. Set reasonable limits

In simple terms do not over-discipline, this can never help come out of poor learning of a child. Parents need to be diplomatic in handling their child’s learning lags by dividing the whole assignments into chunks and set a particular time onto when to accomplish these tasks without being strained. A reasonable limit is something that should be tried and tested on a given child instead of forcing the child to strike against standardized criteria.

Conclusion: Reality can never be changed, so the moment parents realized a child has certain level of performance, that is an upper limit then there is no pint in unusual expectations.

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