Difference between Q-Switched and Picosure Laser tattoo removal method

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Did you ever think how old the tattoo history maybe? Tattoos have been with us for a long period of time. A tattoo is not just the pattern made on us but it also depicts a lot about the person who has it. The present form of tattoos was not like this always. Year after year tattoos got many changes and now the uses of tattoos.

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Have been changed a lot since it was seen the first time. Along with the advancement of the tattoo, many changes have been found in the methods of removal of tattoos. In this article, we will be discussing two different forms of the most advanced technology of tattoo removal.

When there was no laser technology

In past, many methods were there to remove the tattoos. Some of those were salabrasion, skin excision, skin grading etc. These methods were used when laser technology was not in existence. In this technology the person undergoing the tattoo removal process had to bear a lot of pain and even after that the result was not up to the mark. In some, all those methods, not just the tattoo but also the skin having the tattoo was getting affected badly.

Laser technology

Laser technology came in the existence around 1990 commercially for the use of the public. When it came in the market people were crazy about it but at the same time, they were also not 100 per cent sure whether they will get the result as has been claimed or not. After many years they realised they got the things they were waiting, for now, they were not forced to go through all the pain which was ending with a scar on their skin.

What is laser technology

Laser technology is a technology in which a beam of monochromatic light is used to remove the tattoo from the skin. No skin damages occur in this treatment. In this treatment controlled and specified laser beam is made fall on the tattooed skin of a person.


In this method the person whose tattooed is to be removed is first gets numbed using the anaesthesia by the dermatology

Q-switched Nd: YAG -laser technology

It is one of the most advanced versions of laser tattoo removal technology. In this technology, the laser beam with the wavelength 1064 nm is used mainly. This technology work on the photothermal effect. It means it works on the principle of heating the substances.

Meaning of Q-switched Nd-YAG

Here the Q-switched shows that the beam of laser does not fall continuously on the skin but it is bombarded in the form of pulse means it strike the skin after every set nanosecond. Nd stands for neodymium and YAG stands for yttrium aluminium garnet.

What happens inside the skin when it strikes

When the laser beam strikes the skin, it penetrates the upper layers and reaches where the ink pigment is there. After reaching there it strikes with pigments and pigments absorb the heat energy of the laser beam.

Removal of ink pigment through the body

Once the pigments shattered down, the body absorbs the fine pigments and throws them out of the body through faeces and urine. This process takes aroundv3 month for removing the complete broken pieces of pigment out of the body.

The time required  in this treatment

In the first sitting, almost 40 minutes are needed for the laser treatment. After that, the 2nd sitting held after 3 months. Total 8 to 10 such sitting is needed.

Why the sitting only after almost 3 months

The broken pigment particles do not get absorbed and thrown out of the body at once. This is a slow process and it takes around 3 months to come out of the body by and by every day. Moreover, the skin which goes through in contact with the laser beam is also not ready to get another encounter with the laser beam again before a set time. This is the reason the second sitting is held only after 3 months around.

Picosure technology

It is the modified version of Q-switched technology. In this technology, the laser beam uses mainly the 755 pm wavelength. The main difference between this that Q-switch technology is that on Q-switch technology the laser beam was using the photothermal concept but in this technology, the laser beam uses photomechanical principle. It means in this technology the laser beam does not heat the chromophore and only the pigment particles are targeted.

Key differences between Q-switched and Picosure technology

The key difference in this technology is that as the previous version was mainly targeting the dark colour particles and was not producing the same effect with light colour particles. In this technology aftercare after the sessions are keeps on reducing after every session as after every session the number of particles gets on reducing.

Precautions to be taken while having the treatment

Some precaution must be taken while going through the laser treatment

Always choose the best dermatologist for the best suggestion before going through the whole process.

Better to have a company of someone very close to you so that you can get the required help whenever you need before or after or during the session.

Avoid antibiotics before and after the treatment without consulting the dermatologist

Don't let your treated skin be exposed to the sun directly when you go out for a few days after the treatment 


As we have discussed above the two versions of the laser technology, both of these is considered as per your requirement. If you consult your dermatologist he or she will better tell you about your need after checking you up.

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