Cremation Furnace Market: Great Opportunities Available For The Vendors 2027

Posted by Harshad Borde on January 3rd, 2020

Cremation Furnace Market

Global Cremation Furnace Market – Introduction

  • A cremation furnace, also known as cremator or incinerator, is where a cremation takes place. Cremation furnaces are generally set up in chapels, cemeteries, funeral homes, or in stand-alone facilities. In addition, a facility which houses the real cremation furnace is known as a crematorium. A crematorium is where the bodies of humans or dead pets are burned in order to retrieve the ashes and give it to the family.
  • Cremation furnaces signify the latest advancements in control, combustion, and refractory engineering. Additionally, cremation furnaces are user friendly, ecological friendly, and a fuel efficient furnace with remote monitoring and troubleshooting functions to operate all the cremations in an efficient, simple, and effective manner. It can start automatically, which is visualized on the cremator touch screen. Furthermore, various adjustments can be made to the cremation furnace setting and it can also be handled manually during the process of cremation through the same touchscreen or from a cremation control center.
  • A cremation furnace is a high-technology process unit, which is used in order to lower the emissions and ensure minimum waste of thermal energy. The cremation is carried out at 1400 to 1800 ° temperature, which helps to reduce the body to its basic components and dried bone fragments.
  • The cremation process takes place in cremation chambers, also known as retort.

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Global Cremation Furnace Market – Dynamics

Key Drivers of the Cremation Furnace Market

  • Growing population across the world and increasing death rate due to accidents, and medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack, and respiratory illness, is expected to propel the demand for cremation furnaces during the forecast period.
  • Growing awareness about the need to combat air pollution due to pet and human cremation is one of the major factors that accelerates the demand for cremation furnaces.
  • Stringent government rules and regulations against air pollution and high-end technological advancements to control air pollution is projected to boost the global cremation furnace market across the world in the near future.
  • Growing awareness about the impact of air pollution on health among the people is expected to boost the demand for cremation furnaces.

Asia Pacific to Hold Significant Share of the Global Cremation Furnace Market

  • Asia Pacific is projected to hold significant share of the cremation furnace market due to rising population in developing countries such as China and India. This is expected to increase the demand for cremation furnaces across the region.
  • North America is expected to hold major share of the cremation furnace market due to advancement in the technology, which is likely to accelerate the demand for cremation furnaces in the region.
  • Furthermore, rising restriction on air pollution by governments in Europe is expected to increase the demand for cremation furnaces during the forecast period.

Global Cremation Furnace Market – Competitive Landscape

  • Companies operating in the cremation furnace market are increasingly investing in research and development to develop new and innovative techniques to manufacture cremation furnacesThe cremation furnace market is highly fragmented due to the presence of numerous manufacturers in developed and developing regions. Furthermore, manufacturers are striving to gain a competitive edge by increased product differentiation.

Key Players Operating in the Global Market

The global cremation furnace market is highly concentrated with top manufacturers accounting for approximately 25%–30% of the market share. Key players operating in the global cremation furnace market include:

  • Matthews International Corporation (Matthews Cremation)
  • B&L Cremation Systems, Inc.
  • US Cremation Equipment
  • Therm-Tec
  • American Crematory Equipment Co.
  • Armil CFS
  • National Incinerator Inc.
  • DFW Europe

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