Some knowledge about heat pump water heater products

Posted by hw on January 4th, 2020

As a professional supplier of heat pump water heater, Winking will tell you some knowledge about heat pump water heater products in this article.

What is air energy

Air energy is a kind of natural energy. It is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible source of clean energy. It is a new energy that is radiated into the earth by solar energy, and a part of the energy is absorbed and stored in the air. The higher the air temperature, the higher the energy it contains and the higher the utilization rate. Hot air becomes cold air to release heat, and cold air becomes hot air to absorb heat.

What is a heat pump

Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has drawn much attention in the world in recent years. The "pump" that people are familiar with is a kind of mechanical equipment that can increase potential energy. For example, a water pump mainly pumps water from a low position to a high position. The heat pump is to use a small amount of high-grade electric energy as the driving energy to efficiently absorb the low-grade heat energy from the low-temperature dispersed heat source and transfer it to the high-temperature heat source to achieve the purpose of "pump heat".

Working principle of heat pump

 As a natural phenomenon, just as water flows from high to low, heat always flows from high temperature to low temperature. But people can create machines, just like pumps that lift water from low to high places, and heat pumps can draw heat from low to high temperatures. Therefore, the heat pump is essentially a heat lifting device. The function of the heat pump is to absorb heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (higher temperature object). Its working principle is the same as that of a refrigerator. The reverse Carnot cycle works, the only difference is that the operating temperature range is different.

 When the heat pump is working, it consumes a part of the energy, excavates the energy stored in the environmental medium, and uses the heat transfer medium circulation system to increase the temperature for utilization. The work consumed by the entire heat pump device is only a small part of the output work Therefore, the use of heat pump technology can save a lot of high-grade energy.

 In operation, the evaporator absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to evaporate the heat transfer working medium. After the working medium vapor is compressed by the compressor, the temperature and pressure rise. When the high temperature vapor is condensed into a liquid by the condenser, the released heat is transferred to the storage. Water in the water tank. The condensed heat transfer working medium is returned to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then is evaporated again, and so on.

Powerful tool for heat utilization-heat pump

 Water flows from high to low, and the heat is completely transferred from the high temperature to the low temperature. This is a natural law. However, in real life, for the needs of agricultural irrigation, domestic water, etc., people use water pumps to send water from a low place to a high place. Similarly, in today's increasingly tight energy sources, in order to recover the heat that is usually discharged into the atmosphere from low-temperature hot gas and low-temperature hot water discharged into rivers, heat pumps are used to transfer heat energy from low-temperature objects to high-temperature objects, and Objects to heat water or heat so that the heat is fully utilized.

The working principle of the heat pump is basically the same as the working principle of home air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., through the circulation of the gas phase change (boiling and condensation) in the parts of the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve of the flowing medium (ie, the refrigerant). Transfer heat from low-temperature objects to high-temperature objects.

The specific working process is as follows: ① The superheated liquid medium absorbs the heat of the low-temperature object in the evaporator and evaporates into a gas medium. ② Compression of the gas medium liquid compressor from the evaporator becomes high temperature and high pressure gas medium. ③ The high-temperature and high-pressure gas medium releases thermal energy to high-temperature objects in the condenser, and at the same time, it becomes a high-pressure liquid medium. ④ The high-pressure liquid medium is decompressed in the expansion valve, and then becomes a superheated liquid medium, enters the evaporator, and circulates the initial process.

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