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A mobile phone or mobile is an electronic device which is used for wireless telecommunications over cellular network stations. We can make and receive a call to and from public telephone network, which includes other mobiles and land line phones all over the world. Text and picture messages are also being shared by mobile phone. These are the main functions of it. It has so many more functions other than those.


Music is an art form which is derived from its medium sound. There are five common elements of music are; Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics and the sonic quality of Timber and Texture. The word derives from the Greek word (mousier) "art" of the Muses.

Mobile Music:

A music which is downloaded to mobile phones and then played, called Mobile Music. It is used as a ring tone in mobile phones. Some cell phones are specially made for music. In this kind of mobile, user can download or stream music of his own choice over the internet via a Wifi connection or 3G cell phone connection. Audio and video files can also be transferred to such a kind of mobile from the PCs. Mobile music is to be stored in mobile phone and traditional business models in the music industry, both are the same cases. This case of mobile music supports two different categories: either music can be purchased by the user for outright ownership or via a subscription model by the access of entire libraries of music. Until the subscription, the music files are available in mobile phones. Combination of ring tones and singles creates a "ringlet", idea generated by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Normally there are two formats of music.Tubidy Video APK Download Latest version Free One is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and MP3. Other formats can also be used. Entire songs can be encoded to play in cell phone by downloading the full tracks. Data's charges can make this prohibitive; otherwise these tracks can be purchased and bought over the wireless network. There are also different ways to use ring tones onto a mobile are Bluetooth, Infra-Red and Cable Connections, which may be very easy to download the songs from computer and then transfer them into a hand phone.

Nowadays, through all over the world mobile music has become a fundamental part of every wireless industry. "It is expected that mobile music to generate more revenues that online music before the end of the year". Statement is given by IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry) in 2005. To compensate the fall in the traditional music market, the digital music market grew up in the first half of 2005. As such a market did not include the ring tones which still make up the majority of mobile music sales around the globe.

Types of Ring tones:

There are different types of ring tones.

1. Monographic: A series of different musical notes, one note at a time is called monographic.

2. Polyphonic: Combination of several notes at a time makes a polyphonic. In sequence recording methods (MIDI), the first polyphonic ring tone could be used. What synthetic instrument should play a note at a given time, and actual instrument sound depends upon the playback device. After all, more mixed sounds beyond the corporate sound bank of each phone allowed by synthesized instruments, included with the composition data.

3. True tone: It is a simply an audio recording which is based in a common format such as MP3 or ACC. It is also known as "Realtone", "Mastertone", Superphonic Ringtone" or "Audio Recording". True tones are often derived from songs, have become popular as ring tones In December 2002, the first Truetone service was started by AU. The first song which was distributed as a Truetone was "My Gift to You" by Chemistry.

4. Sing tone: It is also a kind of ring tone, and it is used for combining a user's recorded voice.

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