History of the development of e-mails from every period

Posted by omat on January 4th, 2020

Electronic mail, or more familiarly known as e-mail or e-mail is a method of sending digital messages that can be addressed to more than one sender. Now email is attached to the daily lives of modern humans.

But do you know who invented the email and where did the email come from? Here is a brief history of e-mail.

Reporting from Net History, email has actually been used before APRAnet or the internet is widely used. The way the first e-mail works is very simple, a computer user simply puts a message on another computer user, like leaving a message on someone else's desk, which is now called a file directory.

But at that time, e-mails could only be sent and received by only one computer network in a LAN (Local Area Network) circuit. In 1971, American programmer Raymond Tomlinson began using the @ symbol as an email link.

Since then, the standard use of email has been user_name @ computer_name. Then followed by the discovery of software for organizing email in 1975 by John Vital. Over the next few years, e-mails have filled 75 percent of internet traffic.

In its development, e-mail began to adopt neater features. One commercial email system at the time was Eudora, which was developed by Steve Dorner in 1988. But at that time, email users had to pay for the service per minute.

Together with the discovery of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, e-mail began to be available free of charge with a more friendly web interface by several e-mail service providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail.
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