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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

So you have read about playing bingo online, or maybe heard an online bingo site mentioned in the bingo hall, and you're gonna give it a try. Okay, on your mark, get set - wait!

Before you rush out and sign up with the first online bingo site that you can find, read these tips for new players at bingo sites:

What is a bingo site download? How does it affect me?

One of the first questions you'll be faced with if you decide to play bingo online is whether you want to play games that require you to download and install software - these are called "download" games - or perhaps you'd prefer games that simply run over the web - called "no download" games. A bingo site may offer either both options, or just one.

Most players prefer to not download any software, since this often take up a huge amount of system resources and can interfere with other programs that you are running. You will also have to check for updates if you have not played in awhile, and things can get very messy & confusing very quickly.

With no-download games it's pretty obvious what you need to do to start the action but with download games it may not be so obvious. You could go back to the bingo site and read their instructions, they all have them, but if you're impatient like me you just want to get to it!.

Hey Bingo site, I want my winnings!

So you have won big at online bingo and you're ready to hit the mall. All you need to do is cash out, right? Wrong! Most bingo sites have policies about how much you can cash out and when. In most cases a bingo site will only allow you to withdraw as much to your credit card as you deposited in the bingo site in the first place. So what about the rest?

Bingo sites vary widely, but generally you will need to be patient. There are a few sites that seem to want everything including your Social Insurance number and a fax of your fingerprints. It's up to you to decide if you can live with this invasion of privacy but it's best to know what they're gonna want from the get-go: read the site's info on withdrawals, it should all be spelled out pretty clearly there. If you don't like what you see, try another website.

The very best payout plan we have seen lately is the Instant Withdrawals via Neteller. This option is only available at a very few online bingo sites but we expect to see this payout option becoming much more popular with all bingo sites in the future.

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