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Posted by john roone on January 4th, 2020

The internationalization of business is a quite commonly seen practice with the Italian companies. The economic and financial crisis, fierce competition, disappearing markets, and other factors have led to companies frequently talk about going international. Several of them are seeking opportunities to merge or partner with or acquire international businesses. This is why most of such businesses see Albania business as a lucrative investment opportunity.

Albania is strategically located across the Adriatic-Ionian basin and serves as a gateway for Italian companies to access the Balkan countries. With over 3 million consumersAlbaniais a flourishing market for entrepreneurs in Italy who are considering internationalizing their business.

Add to this a whopping 20 million consumer strong Balkan states and you can understand why investment in Albania is so crucial for Italian companies.

Internationalization of companies is a phenomenon that is among the most talked about in the business houses in the present era of globalization. Every company wants to internationalize its business.

However, companies don’t just become international by arranging to sell their products and services in Albania. Several aspects including finances, business management, Tasse in Albania, suppliers and client procurement, market research, advertising and marketing, setting up logistics etc are areas that require careful consideration.

This is where Italian Network, the name that most Italian companies choose in order to have a seamless and risk free expansion to an international market, comes into picture.

The company has offices in Tirana, Albania and in Bari, Italy which offers its clients who are looking to set up a business or start import-export to and from Albania or other Balkan states, or are simply looking to have an understanding of the internationalization issues have a clear advantage.

Italian Network is a highly experienced and professional firm that has in depth knowledge of the every aspect, procedures, and protocols as well as the financial sector in Albania as well as Italy. In fact, the company is among the best management, financial, legal and Tassazione Albania consultants that you can hire for internationalization of your company.

Roberto Laera is the person behind the popularity of the Italian Network amongst the Italian companies. He boasts vast experience and specialization in internationalization of companies and brings with him comprehensive know-how on a varied range of subjects such as finance, taxes, and trust services across industries such as food and beverage, chemical industry, machinery, industrial supplies etc. So, if you are also struggling with solutions related to your finances and taxes, then contact us today.

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